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  1. Those SJW books we say are ruining the industry have the full backing of the most powerful comic book company in the world, not to mention widespread media coverage.

    Jawbreakers ha had NO support from any company. It has had NO media coverage. And it's still raising more money than ANYTHING Tim Doyle likes.

  2. so unprofessional, if they want to compete they should make a better book that not filled with gay shit feminine wanna be hero .

    writer only get fan if he can make a good book for them , 3500 sold is nothing compare to how japanese writer could do, try 1 million copy sold i can expect no sjw comic can sold that much

  3. One hundred and twenty thousand dollars raised so far and it's currently the number three comic in America.

    But sure Tim, that's nothing. Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

  4. Zach/Richard/Whateverthefuckhisnameis IS a bigot, though…I've sat through loads of his videos, mainly for the comedy value…like what was that comic he called "the most SJW comic ever", the one set in one apartment…in NEW YORK…and he was complaining because the comic has an incredibly racially/sexually diverse cast…set in NEW YORK…one of the most diverse cities in the world. But you know, do your comics, I'm all for small press stuff, it's basically all I buy now 'cause most capeshit is completely creatively bankrupt on all levels. I'm not the sort of person to boycott a comic because I don't agree with the creators' politics and make obsessive videos about someone's TWEETS, for fuck's sake. Not sure what your endgame is to be honest.

  5. Doyle can't seem to hold the perspective right when drawing architecture. You know who else was just like that?


  6. Tim Doyle huffs his own farts.
    And obviously doesn't know how child support cases work.
    Oh. And his lawyer is an entertainment lawyer. Watch out D&C!

  7. I got into the whole Jawbreakers thing super late and didn't even know it was a thing until I want to say the middle of last month but the whole thing surrounding it has been an interesting ride and funny as well. What gets me the most about the whole thing is just how upset SJW comic 'Pros' have been throughout the entire ordeal because their actions of shitting on fans have finally come back to bite them. Remember, these are the people who GLEEFULLY bragged about not needing the money of 'bigot racist cis white dudes' and telling them to go away since they were not their audience.

    Well, what happened because of that?

    Book after book after book AFTER BOOK of these assholes were cancelled due to it and they cry that the only reason this happened was because RACISM. I don't think there are enough racists in the US that could causes many of the titles to crash and burn as hard as they did and if the books were really that 'far reaching' what happened to those fans that did support it? You'd think if there were so many of them, books like Unbeatable Squirrel Girl or America would still be in circulation but NOOOOOPE. I guess the support wasn't there but it ain't no skin off my nose. I was part of the audience they were trying to reach (Black, female, comic fan) but I'd rather read some good action with big tittie women then shit like America which was a chore to read and ugly as fuck to look at. It's one of the reasons I do stick to manga a lot because many of the titles I collect know how to balance their stories and if there are social/political tones in them they know how to keep it grounded to a point where it doesn't preach to you. I don't understand how an entire company can lose the plot so hard when it comes to this and churn out book after book of VOMIT.

    As for Doyle, let him cry. Anyone they don't like is a bigot or a bot so who the fuck cares what gets his nuts in a knot. I've been laughing for days at how salty these so-called pros have been and every bit of deflection and goal post moving they've done when Jawbreakers pasts another goal. The first thing they did was try to say that the project failed because D&C had used IndieGogo instead of Kickstarter.

    You mean Kickstarter? The same site where countless projects have failed and countless people have run off with money? You mean the site Kwanzer used to promote Black and still haven't given many of the rewards to people, even when the book has been made public for anyone to buy in stores or online? You mean the same site Gabby Rivera has been pimping for a friend to make 'feminist fat positive' drawings from a woman who stole the money from her last Kickstarter, used it for pot, smoked the pot on film and then blamed GamerGate or 'stress' to never finish her first project?


    I'm not at all surprised they're pulling the bigot card now as they do with everyone but as I said, anyone who doesn't play by their rules is a bigot because they can't back anything up. I swear to god, I don't get how a bunch of professionals are so easily hurt by ONE MAN who has been roasting their comics in the most tamest shit way ever. I mean he records from his god damn iPhone and stumbles on his words. They honestly considered this a threat? What ever happened to having that thick skin and moving on? Their cowardice only made support for D&C go up so in the end, they don't have ANYONE to blame for this but themselves. They could have ignored the dude, made banter with him (which some pros did and they get along just fine) but nope. They had to use buzzwords and scream and kick and in the end, this is what happens.

  8. twitter bantz is harassment now. These SJWs are, and always will be fragile little snowflakes who can't take even an iota of what they dish out.

  9. Declining profits. Declining respect. That is the MO for most left activist in any business.
    Currently, I am eating popcorn watching the Starbucks fiasco.

  10. Great video bro! So glad to see Tim publicly lose so egregiously. bite dat Humble pie, sucka! Btw saw Metokur stream on ice po, great trashfire!

  11. that email is the MOST offensively, despicably snarky vindictive spiteful jealousy-induced whinefests EVER. how dare he Beg for mercy asking dnc to stop, yet he can't refrain from bringing kids into this in the MOST patronizing and condescending tone and content ever. Boils my balls.

  12. The hardcore left are religious fanatics: anyone who opposes their political views are bigots, racists, sexists, coons, sellouts, homophobes or Nazis – usually all of the above

  13. Pleas don't associate the Nintendo Switch with these turd monkeys. It's a solid system with good games. These butt trumpets only play the switch so that other people can see them play the switch. I'm tired of them co-opting manchild culture. We're a noble people with a proud history. No future, though, 'cause we don't breed.

  14. I didn't feel like Jawbreakers needed backing, but as with Neir, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Far Cry 5, I bought it to rub salt into the wounds of those in the SJW camp who call it every word of bigotry bingo under the sun. Give 'em hell guys.

    P.S. I don't really buy comics, but I'll still be looking forward to it.

  15. Sorry I'm late to the video. I love how they don't factor in: 1: JB is a graphic novel, 2: it doesn't have any type of mainstream/ comic store backing, 3: it's a minimum of $25, which is more than the other graphic novels above it, and 4: it won't be a digital sale that they love to hide behind ("Title X may only sell 9k copies, but it sells far more digitally – which we won't prove").

  16. I don't even read or look at comics, to be honest before tonight I thought comics were the exception to this SJW influence in media, I learned now that comics books have quite a bad problem with them.
    It's sad that us fans of things like video games, movies, and comics have to go through all this, the developers for these aren't focusing on what we want and instead are giving those who don't even like these things what they want. There's no major companies who aren't doing this, it's sad we have to rely on indie and small teams of people(who more than likely are only doing it because the industry is ignoring what they want) to get something presentably.

    You've more than earned this subscriber.

  17. I'm not much for buying comics, I have the complete Calvin and Hobbs (if that even counts) and the adventures of sam and max…..that's it. Soon jawbreakers will join the very small party. suggestion, 130,000 stretch goal: salt shaker…..

  18. Never ever aplogise or admit fault to an sjw.
    They have no power unless you give it to them
    (Ps…who are all these people?..comic guy the one that reviews star wars toys?…if not..I watched and commented on a video that I have no clue about

  19. Tim Doyle lol. What a cucked beta male faggot that sleeps on his girlfriends couch. Calling the police on chicken bones lol? What a fucking idiot. SJW clowns like Doyle are usually trying to compensating for something whenever they spout their idiotic talking points.

    Another thing is I like when SJWs like Doyle play the victim role after they just attacked and slandered somebody then when they get the heat back on them they cry harassment like the whining beta bitches they are and then call their lawyer lol. You got to love that game they play.


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