G’day my fellow nerds! My name is Larissa and today I am reacting to the RWBY Volume 5 Yang Character Short!! OMG this was amazing!

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  1. Not too Certain they were on Patch, yeah it did look like it, but considering Patch is probably very easily protected from Grimm & That Grimms strengths seems like it might be on Saunus (mainland) possibly…

  2. I think they were on the mainland, probably where their house is now. What's odd is Yang's fighting style / technique seems on par with her fighting style in current times. Notice how she was sliding in and around the Ursa, it's something she doesn't do now. Also, I like how she purposely put herself in the Ursa's mouth to gain power for her semblance so she knew she could kill it off fast to get Ruby out of danger. She seemed much more "in control" of her anger issues, which is odd, because that has been a problem for her since Volume 1. Still a great trailer, these are just some things I noticed. I always love when you dress up as Ruby, and with the Aussie accent it just adds icing on the cake. Love your reactions better than anyone else's, that's why I have notifications turned on. I'm a "FIRST" member and have already seen Volume 5 Episode !. You are in for such a treat, can't wait for your reactions! Take care………..Michael.

  3. The animation was so smooth and the combat in this little was beautiful! I love her flying and sliding about! The ursa new redesign is mean looking and Music was top as always too.

  4. 2:53

    Crash And Burn


    Hello there my enemy

    Welcome to the place to be

    This is where I lay waste and you go home bleeding

    Doesn’t have to be this way

    Should’ve stayed out the fray

    Now your hanging for a beating

    Didn’t others warn you, nothing’s gonna mourn you

    So think less cause I’m relentless

    I’ve gotta tell you,I’m on fire today

    Crash and burn, crash and burn

    That’s the rest who tried to learn

    Take me on

    Can it be on your soul

    (Somethings on your soul)

    Every mission is fine

    So bring the judgement and pain

    Boy, you shouldn’t stared into these eyes of fire

    Your going to regret this little fight

    You don’t wanna mess with me, I’m something higher

    In case you don’t know your a miserable plight

    Soon you’ll be more on, your a mistake of a life

    Forced sit back while you watch me ignite


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