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  1. I stopped watching SAO S2 half ways. I was reluctant to watch Overlord because I kept hearing it was similar to SAO, but I ended up watching it, and well, lets just say I feel like 12 episodes was NOT enough.

  2. 0:47 the trapped in the video game thing is actually a misconception. the reality of the scenario is is that the tomb of nazarick was transported to what we can simply call another dimension as it is not Yggdrasil. this new world has different currency, different geography, different culture and government, etc. however some properties of Yggdrasil has seemed to have sprouted here like the Christian faith and certain techniques spells and items. to my knowledge it is still a mystery.

    also fun fact apparently by the time Yggdrasil was ending ainz's guild was only in the top 5 but not number one due to the lack of members and while he is the current leader that is only because most of the members left and he is recorded to only be the 5th strongest not even the strongest with magic.

  3. To be honest guys i think that show was totall garbage. I gave it 6 on myal dont recommend it to anyone. There is no plot no character developement super childish etc.

  4. Hey you guys, i think this channel is amazing and i watched the video of all the hate comments and how your speech would impact the quality of your videos and such. I just wanted to say i think you guys are doing a great job putting out amazing content like this extreamly often and i believe youre accents already sound easier to understand. (Not that I couldn't in the first place.) but just wanted to show some love and let you guys know i enjoy every video you post. Keep up the hard work!

  5. lol at your video insights. I wanna check it out now. And yea SOA is a harem and it makes one hell of an awesome harem but still. Looking forward to this show.

  6. The sad thing is that there is so much nuance from the light novel format that was absolutely eviscerated in the anime.

    The source material is actually much better suited for pacing like that of Game of Thrones due to all of the factions, perspective switches, side plots, and layers of intrigue.

    Given how much time is spent in the heads of various characters, the show actually would have greatly benefited from a narrative format more inspired by Death Note.

    It would have be much slower-paced but the elaboration on the nature of the setting would have added weight to the setting and helped make sense of later plot points.

  7. I apologize if this comment was left before but I love the channel and everything you guys do, I was wondering if you guys have considered watching or maybe already have watched Terra Formars? It's probably in my top 5 when it comes to violence I compare it to AOT & Tokyo Ghoul when it comes to gore and high octane action.

  8. well,there is one thing you must know
    it was taken from the novel version(btw,its novels are the best i've ever read)
    the season 1 only follow through the first three episode of the novels
    there are nine of them(for now)
    it still has a long way to an end

  9. This anime is shit imo.. If you havent watched that many anime, then maybe you'll enjoy it, but if you've watched enough anime, you'll know this anime isn't that good..

  10. hmm Sounds similar to Log Horizon, they get stuck in a game, they have to learn to adapt because its different now, and the game gets updated and they try to get back to the real world. A few good characters, and sort of a fast introduction. Then slows down later. 25 eps or something

  11. The only similarities I felt between Overlord and SAO was maybe the general being trapped in a game and a really powerful protagonist.

  12. Overlord is like what people thought SAO would have been but better, and i like how it also has a bit of log horizon, with how they are not IN a game but in a world that works with game MECHANICS which is the reason i f#cking love log horizon (other then its great world and characters). i want a second season so bad

  13. I think there on our but overlord would prob be better if they added a 2nd season they can add a 2nd season with all the story has to offer but so was a good emotional anime and good action so I don't know?

  14. This anime is my skyrim playthrough goal. A full guild of op as fuck followers, god tier items and abilities, and a "fuck off' whatever" attitude.

  15. SAO aincrad: look good,nice job
    alfheim: bullshit,garbage,wtf is alf,it called high elfff
    ggo: fuck this shit
    rosario mom: fuck this shit
    final ss2 arc: bullshit
    wrf is that armor
    wtf is that berserk rip off

    overlord first 3 vol: damn papa bones seem good and badass
    8 remain vol: i took it back

  16. Did they even pay attention in the first three episodes. They specifically say he is in a different world.

  17. Anime characters don't come much more one dimensional than Kirito. Ainz/Momonga is way more interesting, not least because he's dealing with the whole being an undead thing.

  18. They were actually making one-punch-man at the same time as Overlord which may explain why some parts seem low-budget – One punch man "stole" – for lack of a better word – the budget.


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