Lisa drew some sketches of Kat McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Harry Shum Jr & Isaiah Mustafa from Shadowhunters and here’s their reaction! Fast forward to around 3:45 for the reaction.

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  1. Everyone is like I can't even draw a stick figure and then I'm here wondering what material she uses, I don't think she used only pencil, I guess I gotta take a closer look 😜 but it is very impressive though, you're much better than me 😂😂😂

  2. So beautiful. I'm so jealous, I love to draw, but I'm not that good. Any tips that you to help me improve? How did you get to meet them? And how long did that game for you to draw that?😱😨😱

  3. hi i am zane i want to become an actor but have no idea how to start off if you could get me in contact with matthew daddario or someone who woould be willing to help me that would be great i am also british and 14 so yeah 🙂

  4. isaiah and Harry best reaction:
    Harry: Did you made these?
    You (I'm sorry I don't know you name): Yeah they're like quick sketches.
    Both: YOU MADE THESE?!

  5. I don't have any talent in drawing and so I don't have the right to say that but I think the pic from magnus looks a little bit to evil (to dark at the cheek bones I think) but the other ones are freaking amazing, you are really talented 😀

  6. omg ur so so so so tallented!!! wow im so impressed :))) and also love isaiah and harry's reactions they are so cute holding drawings :)))

    Edit: Wait… No I should not be jealous. I got signed copies of Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight hardcover copy, signed poster of the Shadowhunters Movie Cast, AND a signed copy of the Shadowhunters TV show Cast, as well. And I am getting Queen of Air(?)and Darkness BEFORE it is published to the public… It's only because Im Cassandra Clare's NEICE😁😁😁SUCKAS! I'm friends with Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Saskatoon, and everyone else In the TV show😝😝

    I'm just kidding… 😭😭😭

    No I'm not

  8. Lisa: these are just some quick sketches took like an hour hour and a half not really detailed
    Me: what*holds up a drawing of a stick figure*

  9. Kinda funny how everyone has a different way of drawing. Like I always start with the ears part when it's from the side profile and you did that last…
    Really interesting I think
    Btw your "short sketches" are pretty amazing

  10. "quick sketches", You need a dictionary 'cuz quick sketches don't look as good, and an hour & a half per sketch is pretty long unless you're Magnus Bane

  11. I love how she was like these are QUICK SKETCHES and I like to DOODLE like those are better than anything I have ever actually painted or sketched wow. Just wow. They’re beautiful


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