Can there be any redemption for Captain America as the SECRET EMPIRE starts to crumble?

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  1. Thanks Tiffany for mentioning how much work Spencer did for this story. 40+ issues of Captain America Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Standoff. Secret Empire and there might be one more title, (not sure) But anyway that's close to 60 books, all on time, all incorporating continuity from other stories, a complete idea from beginning to end. People might not have cared for Empire, but you have to give the man props.

  2. Fuck Jane and Sam.

    Steve should of gotten a badass Captain America viking/Thor suit and still taken back the shield.

    THAT would of been so badass

  3. Sounds like Hopeless stuck to characters he was familiar with. Not saying he can't write, but this character did not work for him. Love the new intro screen. I think I will definitely read the story when it's collected in trade, which knowing Marvel, will be soon. Yo guys are awesome! I really appreciate the work you do to make these videos.

  4. Good review of Secret Empire. Pretty kind too. I find the event frustrating. I hate it when Marvel / DC breaks their world in what should be a devastating way for all titles when I prefer more insulated stories.
    I like that Superman books are now being consistently recommended. Bringing back pre-rebirth Superman was a solid move.

  5. Love the new shiny bits, real good stuff.

    As for Secret Empire, I've never gotten as much absolute vitriol flung at me for saying I didn't like what Spencer was doing with Hydra Steve and that I was gonna take a break from reading till the ship got righted. Like holy crap. Glad it's over, bring back Cap.

  6. Hey guys awesome fucking vid…….I know it's not comic related but you guys should do a review of the new it movie coming out this week…..just because if the creative and detailed reviews you give comic books I would love to hear what you guys think of the movie. …..keep up the awesome work….

  7. You guys are really forcing yourselves to be positive about this. At least you bring up all the bad things in a positive way I guess.
    But let's be honest. This event was not good at all.

    The event ruins even the last event where Miles was predicted to kill Captain America and he just doesn't want to. What was the point of everything in Civil War 2 if you could just make a choice?

  8. this whole event thing seems like a shitty way to write a story, just this framework of continuity even is not good for writing i feel, i think in order to have a good ending to a story u need something meaningful to change by the end of it, that being said i never read any secret empire books nor do i intend to so maybe am wrong about this but this whole system just invites u to prioritize things happening over writing good characters and its just my opinion but a good plot will not excuse bad character writing

  9. 9:14 That will be the Omnibus. Starting from Avengers Standoff then the Cap Series plus necessary Thunderbolts and Uncanny Avengers issues leading to Secret Empire and all connected tie-ins!

  10. Secret Empire wasn't as bad as CW2 but not as good as Secret Wars 2015. And I can't believe they're turning Sam Wilson to falcon again after how great he was in this book.

  11. Soooo no one is going to mention a guy with the ability to barf up cosmic items on demand. Arguably the most dangerous man in the marvel universe just walks off into the sunset. A man who throws up the most dangerous items IN THE UNIVERSE just goes on with his life. This man needs to be detained and probably Guantanamoed the rest of his life. Oh well comic book logic…

  12. like the new pop, pop, pop intro. i enjoyed spencer's superior foes, ant-man, the fix and the first dozen issues of his cap run, but didn't pick up one issue of secret empire. done with events. sounded like a great pitch that spencer wasn't able to follow through on. if marvel wants to keep these events vital, they need to focus the stories. this could have been, as sal says, 4 issues – maybe six, but spare the tie-ins. alternatively, it could have been a slow burn, a two or three year long unfolding of hydra cap's infiltration, corruption and betrayal of s.h.i.e.l.d., the american government and our culture at large having long-lasting effects on the marvel universe. probably wouldn't have read that, either.

  13. So basically, they pulled a Superman 3 where Capt. America was fighting his evil self….. eh. Also, i don't know why, but this year had movies with similar plots like Transformers and Fast 8 where the main hero becomes the villain…. it's like they're all copying each others idea.

  14. What if … SPOILER!!!
    Secret Empire had ended with Kobik returning the good Steve Rogers to the body of Evil Steve? There would be a fusing of the 2 personas with the good winning out in the end, of course. But now Steve would have to live with the consequences of his actions, since he is guilty of them and yet he would have to go on a journey of redemption to counter what he had done. That would have been a more satisfying ending I think.

  15. Oh, right… well, I won't read Secret Empire that's for sure… but hey, I feel the sadness of the dude. It's sad he didn't get to pass on what he intended, but hey, in the end this story can't really be recommended…


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