With the recent addition of blue-chip galleries as well as a variety of flavors, locals, nationals as well as internationals are attracted to the event.

The 3rd edition of the Seattle Art Fair that took place between the dates of 3rd and 6th August, had a roster that boasted of an expansion thus garnering a measure of optimism. The fair was first introduced in 2015 through a billionaire partnership has been received with interest. This interest has been attributed to the parties in the computing and biotech fields.

This new groups of interest may increase optimism but it should, however, be noted that conversion of interest groups to loyal collectors would require a lot of time. The most recent edition of the fair had been expected to boost the performance of the fair as the extent had been reduced.

The fair includes sculptures- metal, wooden, maché etc. used for study and it has been noted that many people have none to reduced interest in the traditional displays and have the preference for recently updated ones.

The opening was found to be social by the coastal dealers, while the locals would also enjoy the loyalty from already present customers. The event attracts the attention of interested parties who are likely to turn into collectors with time. This is because the fair is a learning platform for them.

For most of the
west coast art dealers, the fair happens to act as a functional event at a time when they lack anything else of importance to carry out or attend to. Some of the gallery owners from such like areas went on to indicate the reason for their attendance as the different and unique identity the fair had which was significantly rare among fairs that had just begun. The crowd, in this case, has proven to be sophisticated with the passing times.

Other of the displayers found the fair beneficial for reserving their goods and generally beneficial especially when they were selling the items they had at slightly lower prices.

Some of the people found at the fair displaying their goods mentioned that it was the first time that they were participating in the fair. One of such like first-time displayers noted that the client who attended the fair would like to collect without receiving low-quality customer treatment. He further added that he was most encouraged by those from distances away who traveled specifically to attend the fair.



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