New Undertale Animation “Megalomaniac”:


Aye I have a facebook page!:

Something to clarify about the animation, I’m working on a re-make of this, with some backstory regarding glitchtale 😀

Hyun’s Dojo:

Soooooooooooooooooooo this is my first Fullbody project. It was SUPOSSED to be a PRACTICE since I know NOTHING about fullbody,

EDIT: I GUESS IS NOT A CRAPY ANIMATION AFTER ALL , damn people your feedback has been amazing, thanks for your support. I’ll definitely try on another undertale animation but actually clean some lines add backgrounds and color. Unitl then!.

I’ve been wanting to try out fullbody for sometime now and since I apparently know how to draw a few characters from undertale I decided to give it a shot. Sorry if it’s bad lol.

Spoilers ahead!, you’ve been warned.

This battle is based on the fight that happened at some point between Sans and Flowey, back when Flowey had reset powers. The text from the intro is extracted directly from an easter egg in the game where Flowey mentions how Sans was the only one able to stop him AKA dunk the crap out of his ass.

Eh… I hope you enoy it, I had a lot of fun making it.

Song from:

Characters and original concept by Toby Fox

I love undertale lol

Stay Determined! ♥





  1. Lol there is nothing more infuriating to not only be defeated, but defeated by a guy who is too lazy to even change out of slipper gg

  2. OMG DIS video is great! Plz make more! The only downfall in the fight animations IS that sans is the strongest person in game so he'd win every time. But plz. Make more like asriel vs ashore that'd be GREAT! Like if u agree to wat I said

  3. Sans is gonna be nice to frisk then beat the living shit out of flowey ummm…sorry for the swearing but dang he literally destroyed flowey aka asriel.That is just rude.??Ok I loved the video.???


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