Nope, nope


  1. Okay, so please stop saying sans is like a teenager or something because, I think it's pretty obvious he's not.
    And if you guys are saying that Toby Fox confirmed they're ages, GIVE. ME. PROOF.

  2. what is wrong with you don't yell at your younger brother said you should be ashamed of yourself when he kept on saying that sound like he was about to cry saying it's how could you say as you should apologize to your brother you better mean it to house I'm going to give you a bad time that you never forget now I'm disappointed you you should not yell at your little brother you're the older brother doesn't yell your younger brother that even smaller he still a kid as opposed I think he is a kid but still why would you yell at your little brother like that good gravy

  3. Actually the age of frisk can change from the timelines like gastertale she like a teen and there lust tale she like a teen to ??


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