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RWBY: Visions is an AU (Alternate Universe) project aiming to build a community of fans who want to see RWBY improve or just love the show in general, and re-imagine the show from the ground up. I hope to gather support from some of the RWBY analysis and AU community as the project gains more traction.

If you wish to know more or are interested in supporting RWBY: Visions, head on over to our subreddit for more information:

I’m doing this alone at the moment, so subreddit moderators and other forms of support are more than welcome. As always, share if you feel this is a message worth spreading to the rest of the RWBY community.

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All footage of RWBY and its characters belongs to Rooster Teeth. Henceforward belongs to Kuma and RWBY 3.0 belongs to Dishwasher1910. Original fan art by Switchback/SYTO.


  1. Remember, Hunters and Huntresses are supposed to be trained to be the ultamite killing machine towards grimm while also boosting moral for the population. I dont find it that crazy of a comparison to see them as the hardcore "do not grow emotional connections with your fellow soilder" halo spartans with the symbol of hope and optimism of Captin America or Superman to the population.

  2. Will Jaune die in this AU and Pyhhea is the one that lives or is it a spoiler? Will share this around on Facebook. You caught my attention with this.

  3. This is a very cool idea. I always wanted to see a project where the community could put their ideas together to form a RWBY rewrite after all the videos I've seen about potential concepts that could have been used. Too bad I can't contribute, but I'm interested in seeing how this progresses. Good luck.

  4. I'm totally in favor of this. RWBY was a interesting passion project, one of the few things I've experienced in my life that has given me this unexplainable inspirational, and kinetic feeling; Volumes 1-3 have supplied me with many beautiful, awesome and warm moments to look back on when I'm down or bored. The same can be said of things outside of the show, such as fans contributing to the creation of one certain character, there was something amazing about it as a whole. To know that someone is trying to bring that spark RWBY had through the same community and passion gave me a flash of that feeling. I'll gladly try to support this in any way I can. I would love to see this evolve beyond just a Reboot Discussion.

  5. I'm going to try and help out this project, interestingly enough though I am also working on a AU RWBY project that takes things from the beginning, and rebuilds the lore of RWBY to make it more cohesive and consistent, though difference for mine is that I want to retell volumes 1-3 as a part 1, then 4 and onwards as a part II. Your approach is to make a sandbox, which is a great idea, but I plan on building a ongoing narrative for mine (think of it as a sort of like webcomic or something) . While the reddit will be good for setting up the canon of the AU's, is there a discord server or something? I feel like it'll be good for communicating and brainstorming. And I don't know how you plan on portraying this AU, my idea for mine was to do a manga. But yeah, I'll help this out (character design is actually a hobby of mine I like to do) and I do think it'll help me out as an artist to work with other people lol.

  6. I think this is a great idea. Recently, I been thinking on rewriting certain scenes from Vol. 5 in comic form, with eventually doing a full comic series based on what I'd want from Vol. 6 and onward (and adding a storyline based on a quick comic I did last year,) but time always eludes me. But I would love to contribute in any way I can, though I'm more artist than writer.

  7. This is a really cool idea. I've been making plans on writing a post-Volume 2 AU, where I try to stay as close to pre-V3 canon as possible but change as much of the lore as I feel that would make for a fun and interesting story.

    I can't draw well to save my life but I'm more than happy in joining discussions that talk about analyzing RWBY and how to rewrite it. My reddit username is GateofTruth201 and congratulations Switchback, you just got a new subscriber.

  8. I really want to help with this but I lost my reddit account over something completely unrelated to RWBY. I’m leaving some quick feedback here. I did comment on someone else’s post with my alt because he repeated some common misinformation, but that’s it rn.

    After a quick look at your sub, I would suggest cutting Salem entirely (she’s redundant when Cinder exists), cutting the Maidens (bad retcon, unnecessary) and especially the macguffins (they do nothing but railroad the story). No gods please either. The macguffins and gods were later M&K additions, not Monty’s original vision.

  9. Does it sound pretentious? Yeah, a little. Do I understand where you’re coming from, and feel the same way? Heck yeah. You’ve got my support, brobot.


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