Host: Admin Wilt
Featuring Admins: Nora, Sun, Coco, and Qrow
This week we talk about the newest World of Remnant: Schnee Dust Company, top shelf shipping, llama waitress, and more.

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for all kinds of RWBY news, fanart, cosplay, discussion and more. We are a fan made page for all things RWBY. We are also a pg13 page. Worried about spoilers? Dont worry we have a 2 day spoiler ban as well so you wont see any spoilers until the monday after the newest episode has been released for Rooster Teeth First Members.

Want to talk to the admins? Message us over at the page and if you want to talk to a specific admin be sure to ask for them. I (admin Wilt) will usually be the one to respond to any questions or comments here on Youtube.

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