I uploaded my first video to YouTube four years ago today, so here’s a remake of one of my older works. Have fun!


  1. This really shows how sterile the prequels and sequels are. No sex, no sexiness, no innuendos, no suggestives, no sexism. This is why the universe of Star Wars doesnt feel real any more. And you may think no sexism is a good thing. Sexism on set is a bad thing, but sexism within a movie makes the it more realistic since it exists in real life. You can't clean up a movie just to make sure no one gets offended and expect to retain a film's grittiness and realism. Dont expect the sequels to get better either. Disney is gonna make sure they're all squeaky clean as to sell to the widest possible audience. The Star Wars we know and love ended with Return of the Jedi and that's just the way it is.

  2. The truth is once Leia was enslaved Jabba would ensure his replacement decoration would never be free. Jabba and his criminal empire would see to that. And yes once Leia starts to lose her youthful looks she would have been given to Bobba Fett or breed slaves from her.

  3. Fucking hell she was sexy as fuck!!!! Everytime I see her in this scene my dick starts getting hard. Imagine how many guys have beat off to this scene. LMAO! It's like a right of passage for a young man to jerk off to her in that metal bikini.

  4. Leia looked beautiful wearing that dancing girl costume that she was made to put on after her 1st attempt to rescue Han failed. After her 2nd attempt was successful,Han was glad seeing her in that dancing girl costume after his sight was restored.

  5. Don’t feel bad for me after we blew up the Death Star me and leia lived on the falcon and I convinced her to show me what I missed hehe


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