So I don’t think I’ve really done one of these before apart from when I put my stream footage up. So this is done in real time, you can see me paint out Papyrus without a sketch for a change, and it’s all done within about 12 minutes.

Sans was done beforehand, I didn’t actually get to record his progress but you can see the finished version to the side.

Tutorial books:
Digital Tutorial books:
Music: Undertale by Tobyfox
Outro music :

Artwork is 100% my own please do not take or use without my permission. Do no repost without permission, edit or claim as your own.

My Twitter :
Commission details:
Email me for commissions:


Programs used:
Photoshop cs6
Wacom Intuos 5 Small Tablet
OBS [to record]
Sony Vegas [to edit]


  1. Hope you guys don't mind something that's not sped up for a change ^^ if you like these, I wouldn't mind trying speed challenges so drawing pics within a certain amount of time.

  2. it's so weird not seeing the normal, sped up brush movements, but yet it's so fun to watch this!!! Once again, Great work Bino!!

  3. Wow, Bin. Thanks so much for uploading this right after I finish watching Papyrus die in a genocide play through… my heart… it's gone xD
    Awesome drawing anyway haha

  4. Hey Bin! I just want to ask a question. How do you import your pixel art intro into your video and how do you make it high quality and not so blurry.

    I made myself a title in pixel art for my intro but I just don't know how to make it in good quality…

    I hope this isn't too much I am asking.


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