RWBY Volume 4: World of Remnant – THE GREAT WAR

All credit goes to Roosterteeth for RWBY & RWBY Chibi! (Thanks Monty!)
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Ending Fan-Art:
by logyra –

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  1. My current theory is that The King taught the people to use Semblance and a accessible way to unlock Aura. as they were quite good with fighting, so anything less would not warrant Qrow saying "The King would teach the world to fight".
    Ozpin Said to Oscar that "He helped build Haven" and "I went through the same confusion"
    Qrow told us the one who build the schools was Ozpins predecessor
    here we learn that the one who build the schools was the Warrior King
    ergo logically The King is Ozpins predecessor and the soul the merged with Ozpin.


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