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Around the time Spider-Man: Homecoming came out, I thought it was a good idea to record my reactions to searching the WEB for some weird Spider-Man Fan Art. As usual, the internet did not disappoint. I used to be a pretty big Spider-Man fan, but I was not ready for the amount of Spider-Weirdness that was about to take place. Hope you guys like it.

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Spider-Man 2: The Game Pizza Theme:

I. The footage and images featured in this video are used for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

II. Criticism of the artistic works in the video is intended to be for satirical purposes. This video is meant to entertain, not to bully. If you are a fan artist and your work was featured in this video, leave me a comment or message me, and I’ll be sure to credit your work in the description. Also feel free to share your fan art creations in the comments, if you so desire.

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  1. I blame cw an I have no idea why I watch it's very entertaining some how but it's based on the Spider-Man black cat ship just check out miraculous tales of ladybug and catnoir I swear it's amusing although it could be a tad more clever

    all I'm gonna say is 2d anime faces n all in a cgi format O.M.G I've thought a stupid anime style omg face can't be funnier but then I saw it in cgi style ?????

  2. Believe it or not, but my first favourite super hero, as well as my first word, was spiderman. And I am agreeing with you that the gay photos, pornos and nudity pics. Like you said, WHAT THE F**K, HOLY SH*T! Maybe you should stop cursing God and Jesus, okay? I am just trying to help. But seriously, why do they have to make black cat's chest area, in other words, her breast, so BIIIG? WHAT THE F**K!!! Oh, and I subscribed as well as liked the video. In fact, you sound a bit like Spidey, you might do the part next time.

  3. What the f*** is this s*** but I do like the kits in the big boobies and the ass though I definitely like the aces the assets and boobies are the different parts of girls because they're sexy parts


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