Which Pokemon will be the next Marvel Superhero , please comment your ideas below for requests, thanks !

Pokemon images in this video are downloaded from the website:

Pokemon Fusion Drawing:
– Best Pokemon Fusion – Part 1:
– Best Pokemon Fusion – Part 2:
– Best Pokemon Fusion – Part 3:
– Best Pokemon Fusion – Part 4:

1. Make It Rain by Johan Borjesson

2. Late Nights by Johan Borjesson

3. Eleven Thousand Feet 1 by Johannes Bornlöf
4. Staccato by Vibe Tracks



  1. if you agree in my one comment. you can try now snorlax as hulk buster or rockruff as batman or mr.mime as joker what's better snorlax,rockruff or mr.mime?

  2. Is it possible for you to do Meowstic (Male plz) and Green Goblin? Or Litten as Venom? It's 50/50, so pick whatever one YOU like


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