Adventure awaits in the cave guys! Lets see whats in the cave!
Watch part 1:

Comic by Nekoama. Give the amazing artist some love –

Special thanks to all of the amazing voice actors who helped out on this dub!

Squirtle voiced by AC
Charmander voiced by SheepsInfinity –
Flareon voiced by Nullify VA –
Growlithe and Bulbasaur voiced by Casvoiceacts –

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  1. I always think Flareon is a girl I really want to see Flareon is a girl every single time when I look at Flareon I always see Flareon is a boy is there any video that have Flareon as a girl

  2. oh hey remember that haunted house we checked out that was a super fun time because a bunch of ghosts got mad at us for trespassing and then of bats like ate them or somthing really messed up oh ya that was awsome yeah awesome I totally want to go through that again not lol xd


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