no seriously like 10,000,000 spoilers, dont watch if youre not up to at least episode 103

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Art sources, in order of appearance

(4 times in a row LMAO)

Song: Pity Party
Artist: Melanie Martinez
Media: Critical Role
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13

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  1. That was amazing and I have tears in my eyes. Great job at taking some of the most emotional part of this wonderful show and setting them against great music and great fanart. Just great job all around.

  2. Man, the feels in this show. I never cry, ever, for the most part, and this show had me in tears at several points. When Grog was yelling "FIX HIM!" about Scanlan, it was a mixture of despair and unbridled fury. I was feeling exactly like Grog was, because I have had that kind of attachment to a fellow player's character before. I used to double up on rogues when one of the players wasn't there, so I grew attached to the character, and his character died while he was playing him and our cleric didn't have any resurrection spells prepared, so he was perma-dead, since we couldn't get back in time for him to be resurrected by any of the spells available at the time. This was 5E, so we didn't have the god requirement of previous editions, but my character was a follower of Kelemvor, the god of death and death rites, so he led the funeral.

  3. Sweet Sarenrae, you actually made me cry during this, absolutely a heart tearing song when combined with those parts of the game.


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