Sorry for the wait! Here is the full speedpaint of all the parts of my Overwatch OC.

Final Product and Character Sheet:

I wanted to gather some fan-made songs from the Overwatch community. All of the names and timestamps are below!


0:00 Sounds like Overwatch | haveluckgoodfun

2:22 [Dubstep] Wontolla – Dragonstrike

7:00 PON3 – Tracer Theme

9:45 Lúcio – We Move Together As One (Andromulus Remix)

14:38 MOARNial – Heroes Never Die (Overwatch Victory Theme Homage Remix)

19:28 Overwatch Lúcio – Rejuvenescencia

21:15 Overwatch Lúcio – We Move Together As One

23:18 SharaX- Break it Down [Overwatch Remix]

28:17 Shara X- Eichenwalde [Overwatch Remix]

34:22 Taylor Thomas – Blackwatch Theme (Overwatch Tribute)

37:55 Overwatch Remix – One Shot One Kill (CG5 – Great Dolvondo Trap Remix) Widowmaker Theme

41:35 Overwatch Remix – The World Could Always Use More Heroes (Curly Orchestral Dance Remix)

45:05 Krale – High Noon

48:19 xViperLink – Traveling To Dorado (Overwatch Remix)

49:52 PON3 – Junkrat Theme

52:54 TuXe – Dva Remix

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  1. All I can say is, LET THERE BE FIRE!

    No but really, this is so amazing! Like all the detail! I really need to do that for my overwatch oc..and I have this feeling that I need to draw your oc! but I have too much stuff going on right shouldn't…yes shouldn't…no I should!

    Also I'm a noob at photoshop and so I would really like to know, what brush do you use for flat colouring and inking?

  2. When I'm making OCs for Overwatch and I get stuck, I watch this video.
    Just so much detail! it's inspiring!
    (Also, she's suuuper pretty btw.)

  3. i love the character desighn
    the colours are easy to look at and the clothing is verry nice
    it also really fits to overwatch
    it really looks it could be a charackter in the game !!!!


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