It’s fun to work on things like this every now and then.

P.S. If you want to make an animated version (SFM or otherwise), I’m perfectly fine with that since I don’t have any animating experience. Just make sure to credit the proper sources.

Audio & Script by:

Art by:
Me (Done in Photoshop and put together in Window Movie Maker)

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  1. that roadhog voice is so good! fuck junkrat so many god damn people can do his voice. that roadhog is lucky, as a roadhog main i just wish i could sound like him

  2. The writing in this vid is so fucking great, it seems so genuine and voice actors have great chemistry which is hard to find with fan overwatch stuff this is a really great vid 10/10

  3. Jamison, anyone attached to their headgear enough to name it is not someone to make fun of.

    I like to think that what we don't see is that McCree proceeds to punch Junkrat, take the hat back, and leave. Roadhog does nothing because his boss was kinda asking for it.


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