The new Overwatch cinematic left me with a whole lot of feelings. I’ve always loved Mei, but I really love how the video rounded her out and gave a lot more weight to some of her lines, especially the iconic, “Our world is worth fighting for!”

Sometimes, I just have to draw out my feelings, you know ?

If you’d like the see the art, it’s posted over on my Twitter and my Art Blog! Links below!

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~~Equipment, Editing, and Sound Information~~
~Drawn on Paint Tool SAI
~Captured using OBS, an open-source software that you can find here!
~Edited on Hitfilm 4
Song: Everlasting [Top Shelf Sounds Release]
Artists: Jansku
Music provided by Top Shelf Sounds :
Download/Stream :


  1. That was awesome! I found your channel because of how often I would be commenting back on my own video about having an LGBT flag in my classroom, and it would autoplay your DIY LGBT crafts video. I wonder if you would consider putting a card on your video referring people to mine?
    I understand if you are not interested, I would certainly be grateful!


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