We would be taking a look at the Top 7 Most Powerful Naruto Duos of all time, taking into account overall strength and teamwork.

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Song used
Naruto Shippuden – Bluebird

Naruto – Epic Theme Fighting Song


  1. Guys, there's no counting a person 2 times. For example you cannot see Naruto and Sasuke then expect to see either of them anywhere else (Itachi/Sasuke, Naruto/Bee etc.)
    Each person is counted only once with the best partner possible.

  2. Hey i have question if naruto is stronger than hashirama wasint the first hokage stronger than madera uchiha so should naruto be stronger then madera

  3. It is so sad to think that naruto despite being strongest shinobi alive is nowhere near in power level if compared to other animes,naruto should have continued further till naruto became the strongest in animeverse.

  4. Yea but even they didn't know each other for a long time they showed good teamwork imagine if both was still alive at their peak they would be dangerous but i agree Hashirama and Tobirama are a stronger team

  5. here's a good vs debate. who would win? hiruzen vs 2nd mizekage?
    I'm going to say hiruzen simply cuz he mastered all 5 nature types. the mizukage mastered one BUT he was really good at it. but hirzen wins he simply has more jutsu in his skill set

  6. I think nagato and itachi would have ended the war,bee and Naruto were lucky that itachi was freed from the edo caster's control. I'd put them over itachi and kisame, itachi was sick even though we don't know for how long and Edo itachi and Nagato were monsters.

  7. Itachi and Nagato could have ended the war,bee and Naruto were lucky that itachi broke out of the Edo tensei. I'd place them over itachi and kisame


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