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outro: in love with a ghost | i thought we were lovers w/ basil

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  1. 1. I can actually talk to spirits/ghosts irl
    3. The art is amazing as always :3

  2. I would love to see more videos about your spooky experiences. Haha. At least you weren’t talking to zozo. That’s what happened to me. Oh and I met my friend’s dead friend, Jose. He’s really chill, he hangs out around me a lot.

  3. I love a Ouija boys I definitely love this I got up all your tears💕💕💕💕😈😈💖💖💖

  4. I've got a story!
    I was alone in the house playing on my console, the door in my room was wide open. So you know like your typical gamer, plays on the console for hours.. until.. I saw something black pass through my door.. I checked no one was there, I played back again.. after some time I saw it at the corner of my eye, watching me.. blankly

  5. I was on that Livestream I think. I do believe in ghosts actually. When I was like 5, I saw blue figures on the ceiling at night in my dad's room. They were moving like regular humans would and then they would disappear and come back again. Kind of like a puppet show. I only saw it for one night though. It crept me out. Another scary thing was my mom went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I saw the ceiling again. The blue figures were pointing in the direction of my mom going to the bathroom with mad expressions and went there. I never saw them again. But my mom is okay.

  6. OOf. And yes, I do believe the spirits of the dead are real. I've never experience any Ouija Board stuff but I've always believed they existed.

  7. I was in the live stream……SPIRITS BE THERE AND LIVIN IN UR FRIEND'S HOUSE!!!!!!😱😱😱😱👻👻👻😱😱😱😱

  8. (Prob a horrible and dangerous suggestion but here we go anyways)
    maybe do the thing again, but in Lara or ur house, to see if the same ghost followed you guys?????

  9. Me and my best friend played the Ouija board…but we just asked silly questions like "do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and then we would move was kinda fun

  10. actually I have a creepy story, its what happened to my mom 2 weeks ago, ok here it is (Well at least what I remember of what she said)  .well since my great grandma died on June 12, (I don't know what year) but it was on a Tuesday Jun 12, 2018 it was around 1112 at night and she saw a red dog the dog breed was a Pomeranian dog, she only told me, my grandma already knew she didn't tell my little sister or my brother that is one year younger than me and then later that night a paper baggie randomly went into her room, then the next day my mom, my grandma, and my little sister went to my great grandma's grave the next day

  11. I beleive in ghosts 100%. Once 2e went on a 2 day trip and we were in a cabin. One girl went to sleep wnd it was only a month later when she said that she woke up and saw weird human figures when she woke up late wt night. I only half beleive it was sleep paralysis but it could be cool stuff too

  12. just found ur channel again and realized I stopped watching u a year ago. My first vid was ur Alesa and Staceyplayz speedpaint; omfg lololol. U changed so frickin much

  13. Here's my paranormal experience(s)
    First of all, some context! I can see ghosts… OK moving on!
    1# We had just moved into a new house, from the moment we arrived I knew something was… Odd about it. One night I woke up at about 2:00am and needed some water. I got up only to find a ghost at the sink. He had almost a clown-like appearance, almost being bold yet having three long bits of hair, on the sides and on top of his head. He was there every night, I tried to interact once but he slowly started turning his head and I got the HELL out of there. After that I never saw him again… 🙁
    #2 New house again, something was weird about this one too. Once again it was the middle of the night. From my room I could see my mums. So I looked to her room and saw her outside the door. She was just standing ther, so I was beyond confused. She started to turn to me, and that's when I realized… It wasn't her. My heart skipped a beat as I layed back down faster then lightning. When I got back up, she was gone.

  14. Im my group od friends im the only one who has been in contact with spirits , or so called shadows. Its terrifying to look back at when that happened but at the time i was Also for some reason Calm


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