Anime drawings . Realistic drawings. manga drawing 🙂
so here are my anime drawings i’ve done this past year! 🙂 totally happy with them. This features art work from animes such as fairy tail, bleach and naruto, to fanarts of mark crilley and frozen’s elsa.
song : Fairytail theme song remix
video show traditional and digital art, coloured art, fanarts oc , etc.


  1. These drawings are pretty awesome. keep it up. and I wanted to thank you for the comment you left me. i wasnt able to reply to you from my drawings video. you might want to check you setting and turn reply to on.

  2. Wow I sent this tweet to Mark Crilley and he replied saying great work to my anime drawings! 🙂 In case some of you were wondering, I actually drew Mark crilley's tutorial for Elsa, and I also drew the fanart of his character so it was great to have someone like him reply 🙂

  3. Oh, look at me i can draw a circle ._.



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