Full title: Muppet Babies and Miraculous Ladybug on Cartoon Network, September 2017
By “totally real and rare”, this is of course fake. Requested by Radu Oprina. Requests are closed.

Beware of Steven Universe spoilers.

Tools for the VHS effect (only for PCs with Windows):
VirtualDub download:
VHS effect from original creator:
Tutorial/fix #1:
Fix #2:
DirectShow Codec:

Rules before requesting:
1) One request per user (you may add another request after that request is done)
2) Be patient with requests and don’t say when they have to be uploaded by (doing these takes time and I have school doing the week unless it’s a “no school” day)
3) Do not request if the latest video has “requests closed” in the title
4) Requests are picked randomly so no putting comments saying that your requests wants to be the next fake airing to be made and uploaded


  1. +Ousman Njie IS MY REQUEST VIDEO READY TO WATCH: Old Spice Terry Crews on Disney XD, May 2010


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