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I use very simple video equipment.
Camera: Sony Handycam PJ340 + iPhone 7
Tripod: Sunpack 5858D
Video editor: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Suite 13.0 + iMovie
Lights: 2 12×12 soft box lights w/ 5500 Kelvin color temp. bulbs
Backdrop: White

Where do I buy my Beyblades?
Leo Burst –
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Thanks to YouTuber Runo Siahirai / Rise (WBO) for the avatar fanart!
YouTube Channel –
WBO Profile –

Thanks to AudioPad and Chuki Beats for providing royalty-free music!
AudioPad –
CHUKImusic –


  1. Those colors are all in the app/game…at least the Horusood & Odin/Odax are. Sucks that Horusood & Unicorn/Unicrest don't have Drivers in matching colors.
    Personally, I'm not fond of that repaint of the Odin/Odax Layer…but that matching orange Blow Driver is gorgeous!! (And it does look good spinning…hmmm…)

  2. Spryzen is my favorite bey but I like horusood out of this unboxing but overall spryzen is better.I don't know why,I guess I like balance types alot

  3. That Horusood looks good! :O
    And Unicrest looks like an egg… Ah, well. At least Odax does look cool spinning! 😀
    Great video, Jojo!

  4. Hey JoJo can you please test out this combo:
    top layer: Dragoon
    bottom layer: Genbull
    Performance tip: B:D


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