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Overwatch stream highlights from our channel over on Mixer! Hannah is on camera and Tony and Joe are on voice.
For the hair I used an airbrush for Sombra’s coloring and followed Glam and Gore’s tutorial for the face makeup!
Also we talk a lot about Dollar Tree and it’s a really important subject because Dollar Tree is amazing what with having so many awesome things for a dollar I mean really guys how do they afford to sell stuff like shampoo and mops for a dollar each it’s kinda incredible and then when you think about how they have managers and employees and stuff how are they paying everyone something reasonable when all their stuff is a dollar, also where are they getting this stuff that apparently selling it for a dollar is gaining them money like I bought a mop from Dollar Tree how much did the mop cost to make if they could sell it for only a dollar. We may never know for this is truly one of life’s biggest mysteries.

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