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Hello everyone! Michi here once again, just to bring you another list for the summer lineup. This season’s in terms of songs were actually rather conflicting to the ever living hell, however during yesterday I decided to take my final decision on my list, and since all of them got released after Saturday, I went to do this rather on the timing rate. Friendly reminder that the list will be based only on my personal preference, hence people may agree or disagree. Without further interruptions, enjoy!

Credit to majority of the custom clips would go for Zenime, OtakuC, LightArrowsEXE and others. Due to you know who does what.

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  1. Nice to see another person who likes the new Sousei OP :D. Also your #5 is the same as mine. My Top 10 is a little bit different than yours but still kind of similar. Well done ^^

  2. Nice to see you appreciate Eir Aoi's and May'n's voices to put their OP in top 10. Qualidea's OP is to be expected in top 10 since you like LiSA. I expected 91 days to be a bit higher too but you addressed that matter. Also Flow OP so good song and visuals. My favorite along with 91 days op

  3. No se como hay gente capaz de hacer Tops con más de 20 puestos para esta temporada, yo estoy batallando para hacer un Top30…

    No me gusto para nada esta temporada, solo me gustaron realmente como 4
    Los clips editados son por el copyright (como el de Amanchu, que no aparece en la lista de YAM)? Buena lista, me gusta el marco donde pones los datos, aunque como recomendación, haz un poco más grande la letra.. Y ya (y)
    666 subs
    Quizá yo suba mi top hoy en la tarde…

  4. I would have personally ranked orange and days higher (yay opinions), but other then that it's a good solid rank list xD

    and of course Zesteria at number 1 lol Can't stop listening to that one.

  5. Tfw I still need to watch almost all of the anime on this list…
    Rewrite getting that well deserved 12th place though. <3
    Nice to see that you prefer Zetsubou-Hen's opening over Mirei-hen though.. GG.. xD

    This was a nice list~ I agree with half of your choices since I still haven't watched half of these anime's yet~ c:

  6. I'm glad Mob Psycho 100's opening wasn't on here, the anime along with the opening are just bad. I'm also not a big fan of Taboo Tattoo's opening (Liking the anime though), or Sousei no Onmyouji's opening (…Better than the first opening, still not great). Here's my top 5:
    5. Alderamin on the Sky
    4. 91 Days
    3. Re:Zero
    2. Tales of Zesteria the X
    1. Rewrite

  7. Fuistes muy modesto al decir que nuestros tops eran un poco diferentes xD
    Me alegra ver a Sousei tan alto muchos ni lo tienen entre los primeros 15
    Buen top

  8. bueno tu top esta muy bien hecho jeje la verdad pero sinceramente para mi estuvo mejor el primer opening de re zero que el actual la verdad ya que va perdiendo el toque que lleva la serie (hablando del tema del opening) ya que lo demás encaja con la serie en mi opinion pero bueno muy buen top jeje me sorprendio ver belief opening de taboo tattoo en el puesto 2 algunos lo toman en cuenta otros no jeje

  9. Hm, not much different except for a few songs and not a lot. What I consider different is if they're like 15-20+ placements apart. We have a general consensus on what songs rank where. Excluding numbers, see JoJo: Still high, but even if they're not the same rank, we have a general idea of it being agreeably high. Taboo Tattoo – You may not agree, but it being #12 out of 50 songs is high to me, but we still have the general consensus of it being high. Of course, we have songs that are vastly different, but you know; preferences, lol.

  10. glad you like the jojo op 🙂
    6, 5,8 and 1 are my favs
    im thankful to light for introducing me to someone with such good taste 🙂

  11. Great to see someone put Lisa and konomi Suzuki's songs high 🙂 also that oldcodex song at number 4 surprised me


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