Graham chats with Michael & James and shows them some fan art.


  1. James McAvoy's comments, "if anybody's giving ," and it looks a like a couple that's been together for 25 years, haven't had sex and they're like " come on let's try," got me dying ????

  2. James and Michael look sweety awkward about it. And why is Fassy always imagined to be on top? He acts shier. I bet on McAvoy. Here's one more thought of mine: Hugh Jackman has such a pleasant reading voice. It matters. Have someone listened to his audioboooks?

  3. Me: Oh my god, no. They're showing fanart, oh no, oh- oh. Wait, that's cute. Aww, this is nice. Okay, it's decent fanart. Phew, I thought they were going to show the real stuff. No cringin- WHAT NO, NOT THE FANFICTIONS.

    As a fangirl, I was almost hiding beneath the table at the mere thought of showing them fanfictions of *them*.
    This just goes to show that I've been spending my fan-time in, uh, dubious corners.
    Hope I wasn't the only one crying out in horror, though.

  4. Seriously I have to get me some of those stories! It sound like massively creative storytelling and I need to read it before Weinstein buys the rights! ??


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