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Back Issues is a recap/review series in which Sal (an old-school comics nerd) attempts to contextualize questions his co-hosts Ben, Ethan or Tiffany have, in a conversational way.

Off the Rack is our weekly comic review and recommendation series. Ben doesn’t normally read comics, and Tiffany primarily reads indie books! But they join Sal and read each issue and offer their opinions on that issue, all by itself.

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  1. How is it possible that Sal is able to do a perfect Alan Moore impression but any other English accent he immediately becomes a character from Oliver Twist?

  2. Rick and Morty cross over with The Flash Family… "So uhh this whole Speed Force is bullshit… I break physics all the time but this is buurrp rick-diculous.."

  3. I'd love to see a DC/Harry Potter crossover. It can happen. They're both owned by Warner Bros. Also, Ben's knowledge in My Little Pony is wonderful.

  4. Already have these same "Comic-Books" Not in the TPB ,you have to have a good amount of space if your going collect the TPB books of the same comics

  5. Sal the British cuisine you need to try is Pie and mash with liquor it's a proper east Londoners meal. Anyone I've seen try it has loved it.

  6. The two Batman posters on the wall behind are awesome.
    Also, please do Tom King's Vision on Back Issues, I have read all of King's work except Sheriff of Babylon and consider the former his best.

  7. But pasties… Cornish pasties are amazing! And Yorkshire puddings… Though a really good Indian curry has basically become the staple diet over here. And a roast – who doesn't love roast dinner?

  8. just make marvel/ DC one-shots, then a mystery of why the dc characters are going to marvel, and vice versa, then do a crossover

  9. Easily the best fan base of any YouTube channel. From salty Norwegian candy to packages from around the globe to all the delicious Milky Way Dark, such a great collection of fans.

    With the new office, I truly hope that a space is carved out that can be dedicated to fan art. Over the years, you've gotten plenty of really cool stuff, it'd be a great tribute to the pop tarts across the world.

  10. Belgians are OK… but they do tend to waffle on a bit. "boom-tish" Also, since we are talking about food, what's the deal with American "chocolate"? Why is it so disgusting? Is it supposed to taste like soap?

  11. Ben, if you include Spike or Starlight, you could actually do the Seven Deadly Sins. I love that idea. Or, you could make all the Alicorns the Four Horsemen, that'd be insane. You'd have Celestia (as Daybreaker and Death), Luna (as Nightmare Moon and War), Cadence (as Famine), and Twilight (as a pony version of Midnight Sparkle and Pestilence) up against say the Season 6 Finale crew of Starlight, Trixie, Discord, and Thorax, plus anyone else capable of anything like the unicorns with their magic, and pegasi controlling the weather, bring in the Smooze, let's see what he can do, and we may even need to have the mythical creatures like Steven Magnet, the Hydra, Ember and all the Dragons, Thorax's Changelings, the Ursa Major, I'd say Cerberus but he needs to make sure Tirek is still in Tartarus because if he gets loose, then it would still make for an epic battle but then if he won, then pretty much everyone's screwed.
    You've gotten me to think about this too much, Ben.


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