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  1. Even tho I was just 4 years when the MCU started iron man was the first superhero movie I watched which made me go and read about him in the comics and all the other popular marvel superhero, gotta say the MCU movies are some of the best movies I’ve ever watched.


  2. This is your the answer, to that famous question, "How do you see yourself in 10 years?" definitly stay forever in the children and in the souls of children!!!

  3. I was 8 years old when I first saw Iron Man. Now I'm 18, seeing the Avengers take on Thanos. This universe means a lot to us, so we thank you too, Marvel. Thank you for bringing these characters to life for us.

  4. Thank you Marvel, you brought entertainment that's filled with joy, love, action and lots of childhood memories in a world full of pain, I thank you for this. your the best.

  5. Films from Marvel Cinematic Universe has many memories for me and characters are very unique and realistic than in comics. I'm one of the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel films. So, I'm happy to see upcomin' movies from Marvel. I have one thing to achieve in MCU films. It's the introduction to new characters. I love Stan Lee, who created these characters . I'm so happy to be the fan of Marvel.

  6. Marvel let's be real man when Iron man came out I was 16 years old and didn't know superhero movies could be this big, as a matter fact you turned me into a movie goer. I'm now 26 Y/O (damn time flies) I think all of us who grew up watching your movies deserve a rated R movie at least one per phase, we know you can do awesome movies. Now imagine a rated R film where we can see more freedom for the characters to see a side we haven't seen from them just yet that would be amazing. Or at least you can bring back the PG-15 rating that used to be a thing back in the days see I don't think were asking for much here just if the story is worth it give it the R or PG 15 rating please.


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