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  1. Nice review man. Been watching your vids for awhile already. Really inspirational stuff. i recently posted a vid of my own. If you can let me know what you think.

  2. Dude, I know this is not the appropiatte video, but could yo make a comparisson video between the Marvel Select Averngers Thor headsculpt and the Hasbro Avengers Thor (no helmet) version? I'm planing to make a custom and i want to know wich headsculpt is better. 🙂

  3. Ya I got it I'm a big Storm fan but its sad. 1. That's not how the cape is with that style. 2. Hard cape.. It ok that u can take the cape off to free her shoulders and u can move her arms. 3. What's the point of having a double jointed knees when u can't even bend her legs at the hip. 4. It would have been better to have an upper torso joint. Over all it's like a mini statue that u can sort of move. Sad 🙁

  4. I think no one should touch Shartimus's storm 😉 if you know what i mean

    Sucks that the figure is so weak, maybe they spent too much time on the ass, like all the money and effort went into the ass.

  5. I agree dude.I got this figure to go with the rest of my xmen selects and her fucking leg broke off taking her out of the package.really weak marvel select.

  6. i prefered this over x 23 figure marvel legend.if you have choice which one will you pick ? action figure or statue? .

  7. clothe cape would've been great, especially if you were the type to set up a little fan situation in which it looks like weather control,. 

  8. Don't be ashamed….You are NOT the only one who looks underneath action figures skirt.. 😉 ….. Awesome review (as always)  😀

  9. Does she come with a crack pipe ?

    Yeah , I bet Robert De Niro & NY Mayor Bill De Blasio definitely has this figure , if ya catch my drift.

    & I bet she whips up a "storm" if the pimple faced teenagers at Popeyes chicken get her order wrong.

  10. Ahem… Shartimus, African women have strong jaws… That head sculpt is really good. Thanks for vid. Very helpful! I had no idea that cape would be so hard… Well, it does get a good view of that ass. Oh, and finally, I believe that Storm is supposed to be a 6 ft woman. So its good that the figure comes to 7 inches.

  11. all the money went into the ass no lol!! actually seeing this review again made me relize this figure isnt that baD even though she has no waist articulation, with some skill like the extremis ironman you can still get him in some epic poses anyway i hope ms gives us another storm bcuz the ml ones are to short to fit in scale

  12. Are her hands removable? I thought i saw a photo of this figure and it had Hasbro's Marvel Legend Electro lightning hands on her. Any knowledge if that is possible to do without it being a permanent customization?

  13. I like the storm figure she's pretty attractive and she's got a nice height too I don't think Wonder Woman figures are that tall her physique sure looks good thanks for posting. I'm going to go out and buy this figure because I love storm


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