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  1. Hasbro is getting better with their 6 inch Return of Marvel Legends figures, but I think Toybiz will ALWAYS do better.

  2. No but I mean like the same exact figures, like series 4 punisher taken the exact way it is, repackaged, and then distributed.

  3. Yeah me neither, I'm not a very big collector but I've always appreciated the work and detail that have gone into action figures. I had quite a few rare ML figures when they were still out. I Had Face Off Cap 2-pack (I got for 15 bucks at a Walmart), Spider-Man Fearsome Foes 5-pack (35 bucks at a toys r us), and many more. I want Hasbro to rerelease the figures so I can get the ones that I regret not taking care of. Especially the face off cap, which I bought in 2006 when I was 9 years old.

  4. I know. I am a collector of Toybiz Marvel Legends (Sometimes Hasbro) and even cannot afford any of the good ones right now. I remember when the series 10 (Galactus Wave) War Machine was 8 bucks. I just got it at my local comic shop for $55.00. Man, I wish they were much cheaper.

  5. DUDE! I had that same War Machine figure! I bought it thinking it was just a different Iron Man suit. Then the mask came off and I realized it wasn't Tony Stark (I was never really into Iron Man at the time). I remember trading that figure with a friend in fourth grade. If I remember correctly he gave me a Human Torch figure from the FF movie line. Then I traded that torch figure with another friend for his Series 4 Punisher (Still one of my favorite Legends).

  6. Then in like 6th or 7th grade I begged my mom to buy me another on eBay. We found one for 12 bucks and I ended up getting it, but who the hell knows what happened to it, and now I'm looking for one on eBay again. I wish I could go back in time.

  7. I love this Cap. It's cartoony but it's very detailed and I don't mind that the gun can't be removed. You can always remove the holster and glue one that has a removable gun which wouldn't be hard to find I believe.

  8. You've gotta understand,ToyBiz took a different angle with this line than Hasbro is taking now.And I commend ToyBiz.They were very accurate to the comics coming out at the time those old figures were coming out.

  9. I like this cap better he has a better head sculpt, better shield, new ankle pivots and is way cheaper. I don't understand why reviewers still think toybiz is all mighty and stuff. Like everyone is like yeah the ml juggernaut is better than the ms juggy it's like dafuq the ml one looks like Dookey compared to the ms

  10. I have this figure but i tried to but the shelid on the Marvel Avengers walmart exclusive captain america to see if it was better and it broke but since i have the new age of ultron i used the shelid and it worked pretty well


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