Marvel Civil War 2 Hulk vs The Hulk WTF. Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho, Iron Man vs The Hulk, Captain Marvel vs Bruce Banner and Gamma Trading ►
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  1. One possibility I don't think I have seen mentioned: look at the fact that the Hulk that might destroy the heroes in the vision is apparently wearing no pants. The only other Hulk who frequently went around au naturel is the Hulk from the Ultimate Universe. Maybe he jumped over to 616 at the end of the Secret Wars.

  2. when Banner was a baby or a little kid… Depending on the continuity… His father used to do experiments on Banner that in the end affected him physically (specifically his DNA) and emotionally… Soo

    Maybe, Banner became the Hulk bc of his father's experiments and the gamma radiation was the detonator of those experiments… And Amadeus Cho is now the Hulk for two reasons: The gamma radiation and the nano-tech that he used to tranfer Banner's gamma radiation…

    I know this is a huge strech, but I think that the radiation that Amadeus absorbed from Banner was mostly residual energy from Hulk's body, even though the scanner said that Banner was gamma free… this is not the first we see Banner separated from the Hulk and in the end, the Hulk is always inside of Banner

  3. REALLY hope they don't go with the "I'm always the hulk" path… That would be weak AF. I'm guessing he'll get reiradiated somehow. Doesn't the hulk naturally pulse gamma anyway? Maybe when Cho super hulks, his gamma aura sets Bruce off or something.

  4. I think that Bruce can't really get rid of the hulk because he came back before in the incredible hulk all he needs is a kick to get him started or Bruce may try to absorb gamma from Tony's machines and comes back to fight

  5. Amadeus is going to die and Banner will absorb the gamma because he realizes the Avengers were behind it (acted on a vision).

    Banner will then proceed to kill everyone.

    Such Marvel. Very complex.

  6. I'm pretty sure hulks cells generate gamma rays, but only when he's angry, I assume he's gonna get REALLY mad, mad enough to cause his cells to generate enough gamma rays to awaken his hulk side.

  7. I still don't get how She Hulk was banged up by a simple missle.She's been through way worst than that.And I don't want anyone come to me saying that Missle was design for thanos cause it wasn't and Marvel might try to it seem like it was.That's the Worst I've seen from Bendis,even if it was stated that She Hulk will continue there's no telling if it's the same she hulk it could be Lyra,I don't want the non-original she hulk.I want Jennifer Walters aka Sensational aka Savage She Hulk.I understand that they did it to build up to Civil War 2 but they should have found another way or another person to die.UGH!!!!!

  8. What if it is a 'self-fulfilling' prophesy where Captain Marvell actually somehow transfers power back to Banner from Cho, only making it worse? The only way it could happen is if she makes it happen, in an attempt to keep it from happening?

  9. idk why marvel want to kill Spiderman and deadpool. I mean make your mind up marvel, did deadpool kill everyone or did Spiderman survive and did marales save him. if Spiderman really is dead why did he take part in spider verse and go into the future and why the fuck can deadpool kill everyone but not die. why is captain America a Hydra agent. fucking make Ur mind up marvel

  10. In WWH, no one calmed Hulk down. After a major a battle between Hulk and Hyperion, Tony Stark managed to put Hulk in stasis. Therefore that point was sort of invalid.

  11. I would not trust the editor's word for sure I honestly believe cho is gonna go out of control and Bruce has to stop him getting crazy too by doing so

  12. Banner can get his gamma back by going to the place he first became the hulk. It's weird. the red hulk took his gamma from him and banner still found a way to become hulk

  13. I think That bruce actually has a small small small amount of Gamma in that was building over time…it'll replicate if it's in his blood cells…maybe how long he's been exposed to the gamma it stored enough to slowly replicate

  14. Ulysses power is to calculate based of emotions, thoughts and so on of people around him and maybe including himself. Maybe he saw Banners rageand didn't knew that he wasn't the Hulk.


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