How much hate can one markiplier get? Thanks to the r/roastme subreddit I get to read all the funny mean comments I can handle! Watch me react to hilarious hate in celebration of 9 million subscribers! Thank you all so much!
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  1. "Go back to swooning children on Youtube"
    Me: It's not like his content was even child friendly in the first place… OH WAIT THAT WAS A ROAST

  2. Markiplier i am ur biggest fan. Do u know that i made a video myself because i want to be a youtuber one day. But to bad that i live roma. Fuck romas shit and i am only 15.

  3. Fuck all you people that hate mark. He is just trying to make people smile. God what about you. Are you with me?

  4. 68985156
    74147171411+414141463+3624 reem;.



  5. Now that's more like it, these people know how to roast! Unlike the people in his "Roasted by Fans" video.

  6. Yup, first Markiplier video I ever watch and it's click bait. I'm glad to see he's not taking these silly comments seriously though. Good reaction video. my faith in humanity is not lost.

  7. I noticed that Markimoo used Lost Pauses outro during the end of the video. Did any else notice this? Lols.


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