Lot’s of fanart in this video! Somebody is telling me and my husband to make babies?! And whats in the big package?!

Robyn saves up a bunch of letters for this fan mail video. More fanart from the one and only Willaim Crowe, Miharu Sohka asks a VERY personal question, and a special package from Scott is given for Robyn just in time for Christmas!

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Anime America started out as a podcast created by Bradly Kingston and starring him, Anastazia Copeland, and the channel’s current host Robyn Barry-Cotter. Robyn now runs the production with Shannen, Hannah, Lark, Tara, and occasionally Brad as they review Anime and make Top 10 lists!






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  1. If I wanted something to come back from my childhood that would be to have the "Original" Appleseed released on either DVD or Blu-ray (and not the 20mil GOD AWFUL remakes.)

  2. lol it was Not customs it was me i was not sure if it was a Statue or an action figure and i just wanted to make sure also tell Tsumi I Have a shot gun and if he violates the restraining order….. or my cat …. 1 more time i will be forced to turn him into a scarf

  3. I got my Switch recently and have been a little "loose" with how much money I spend on games… Stardew Valley is pretty good for chill time.

  4. I have been bullied from the age of 4 till the age of 14. And most of it had been about both my skin colour and my physical handicap… And not just emotional bullying or verbal. People have beaten me to a pulp and even bullied friends of mine, which meant that I never had many friends to support me. heck even cousins of mine bullied me… Even though my mother; father & my aunts; uncles & my grandparents were supportive of me in it… It got so bad that 4 times in those 10 years, I had tried to kill myself to get rid of all the pain and suffering I was experiencing…. So not letting bullying get to you is very hard when all that happens to you at such a young age, and it has scarred me for life, unfortunately.
    I am doing pretty okay right now, but my life still has the echoes of what happened back then in it…

    Anyway: Great mail video and awesome to see so many letters & fan art. ^^ I am really looking forward to seeing what video's you guys will release next. ^^ <3

  5. Nobody can ever afford kids. Very few people who say they'll have kids "when they're financially secure" will ever have them. Financial security does not actually exist. Multibillionaires can lose all of their wealth in the flash of a lightning bolt.
    Life is real, money is a construct.
    If you calculate your existence around a construct controlled by sociopaths, your outcome is likely to be very unpleasant.

    Money becomes easy when you stop confusing it with wealth. I'm 45, own many acres in Texas, have not needed a paycheck since 2002.
    Yes. Luck is a factor. No, it is not the main factor.

    The main factor is that I'm more sociopathic than those who run the scam that is "money". I just have more simple tastes due to a much MUCH lower affliction of hubris.

    Now if a person does not feel mature enough to have children, that's very different and much more understandable.
    But pro tip: Those who acknowledge the maturity issue are well on their way to being great parents.

  6. I am a new fan of AA and I would like to know more about it, so if you don't mind I want to ask you a few questions.1.) who started AA?2.) how long has AA been going for?3.) at this moment who are all the members?

  7. 19:11 immediate reaction towards that question O.O uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    idk what's more awkward. That question or trying to carefully explain kids on "where babies comes from?" whenever they ask that question to their parents.

  8. Thank you for reading my letter and I'm glad that you got the $20:) I turned 41 on 9/4/17 and for my request, I would like for you to review Master of Mosquiton please.

  9. The malls are transforming into outdoor shopping centers! Just recently, they is a new gorumet food court that just opened that has amazing food where I live!  Asian Street Food, up scale burgers and cheese fries, just to name a few! It also has a full bar and they creating their own brewery that will open next year. It's amazing!

  10. I disagree a bit….we do need malls. There is a certain wonder/ pleasure shopping yourself at these places. Plus, especially for a plus size person, you NEED to get off the rack, because sizes…feck dude…there REALLY needs to be a standardization as far as sizes go…because ordering a size that you think you can wear, then shipping then knowing you have to pay out the ass to send it back…FECK! Plus, sometimes I do NOT want to/ can't wait for shipping.

  11. OMG I LOVED THIS VIDEO! It cracked me so hardcore <3 I can't wait to see you doing a review of Hyper Police because that's one of my top five animes that I love <3 I also love Tsumi who was just freaking awesome XD thank you for making these amazing videos <3 Love you guys <3


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