Attack on Titan Chapter 105 Review!

Attack on Titan 105 進撃の巨人 Manga Chapter: Major twists and a major death!

In this video we review the latest chapter of the Attack on Titan Manga – Chapter 105

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  1. This was a much needed chapter. There have been some heavy themes as of late, with Mikasa scolding Eren on the murders he has committed, Armin seeing what Bert saw, Gabi's blind rage mirroring Eren, stuff like that. All of it glimpsed at but cut short by more action and arguably being justified as a "necessary" evil. But this chapter slowed it down, showing what's behind the scenes of the action.
    I will forever be sad that Sasha is gone, but her death will put a big emotional toll on everyone. What will come of the new holes in their hearts? After all like Connie said, it's tragic when anyone dies but comrades of the 104th? They're irreplaceable.
    Eren has yet to show any remorse for what he did. But hearing that his actions cost Sasha her life? I think his conscious is catching up to him.
    And this if off topic, but this chapter has made me think that Reiner and Bert aren't so different from Eren and Armin respectively. Armin clearly is not happy with what he's doing, but knows he must. Bert was sad to see that his comrade has become unrecognizable. Similar to the look Armin gave Eren. Am I looking too far into it? Yes, but it's fun 🙂

  2. Also let's not forget Falco and Eren had plenty of time to get to know each other. Eren sees his side of things and Falco was there watching Eren and Reiner talk about the morality of this entire war. Gonna make for an awkward blimp ride haha.
    I like Falco. I think he will be the reason Gabi understands things better.

  3. I’m heartbroken that Sasha died she is like many others one of my favorite characters I can’t give any theories on what’s next to come im just hoping we get and inside look on how this entire plan came to be and when Zeke started working with the scouts

  4. I think Eren's plan was worth it because if he didn't do it they'll be the one that's going to be invaded

  5. I just don't get Zeke anymore! Back then, when he appeared as a Beast titan on the Paradis island, he was working against the island eldians and survey corps. He turned those villagers into titans, and made them attack the survey corps, he also anihilated the whole scouting legion. It seemed that he was trying to withhold them from leaving the walls. He wasn't trying to destroy the humanity within the walls. Then later the ships with his spies go to Paradis and never return. And in a few years the technologies of the Paradis island suddenly become that advanced. I don't think it's a coincidence. And then we learn that Zeke and the Paradis eldians (more like survey corps) are now allies. First you kill almost all of then and then you initiate the contact? And the Survey corps are like "Yep, let's forget you killed 90% of our comrades! So what's your plan?" This is the part I don't understand? What am I missing here?

  6. Every single plan Humanity within the walls has devised has always been an All-or-Nothing plan. They receive massive losses each time but gain something incredibly vital, even if its just a piece of information. Now with each gamble they recieve new titan powers or new powerful allies. When we started they were the underdogs, now they are the top dogs. Now it'll be about what they do with all this power.
    Top Manga 10/10

  7. The moment your so numb to characters death that the girl you been rooting for since the beginning is killed and your like “meh” 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. um you said garrison is useless and that the walls can keep titans out but the scouts already killed every non shifter titan so the walls are useless and that is why garrison is useless not because the walls are good buyt because the very thing they protect lost its use

  9. is there a theory about merlin in nanatsu no taizai is a beast man?

    my reason is her real name is hard to speak as a human

  10. What I'm curious is how the public at Paradis will react to Eren's actions. I personally hope they cheer for him.

  11. Zekes betrayal wasn't a suprise. I suspected he would do that ever since he betrayed his parents. But Sasha… My heart…

  12. This last chapter was amazing but heartbreaking. I don't anyone can stay only on someone's side. You end up empathizing with all the characters. I don't understand people who hate Gabi, she's just like Eren, plus she's brainwashed and she saw her comrades dying in front of her. Everything is just so sad now, from Eren's look on his face to SPOILER Sasha's death

  13. I think either I'm spacing on a detail or the answer just hasn't been revealed yet, but how did Eren even get to the mainland?

  14. When your friends call you Sasha specially because of attack on titan, and you hear Sasha is killed 😯🤯😯😭

  15. I can see gabby n Falco are gonna join them. Thats y they didn’t kill them like the others and they developed them more


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