Tom Hiddleston surprised fans with an appearance in character as the master of mischief, Loki himself, during Marvel Studios’ Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con!

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  1. wooo hooo I love this Tom played Loki well For Hall H Wooo ill scream loki from the roottops hell yeah Cheers Loki loki loki 🙂 I love you ha ha your so darn hot and cute Tom hiddleston my fave video ever

  2. The only actor that can put his finger over his mouth to tell you to quiet, and an entire audience of thousands literally shut up within a second. LOL

  3. I kind of wanted just one person to shout "Tom Hiddleston!" When he shouted say my name and and he just looks over to the guy who did it.

  4. But how did they convince Loki to come to a Midgårdian Comic-Con?? Probably they just reminded him about the fangirls and he was like "Fine…"

  5. Would be amazing if Chris Evans would just wear the entire Cap suit with the shield and casually walk the streets of NYC, or Tom Holland withr he entire Spidey suit

  6. Loki's not going to be the only one with cheers all around…… man whose interest with roses and motion capture will steal the show, where Loki will only be a mere pawn to him.


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