I do YT, I have a job in a tattoo parlor, I’m still in high school, and I do commissions. It’s a lot. This is sort of a vent-y piece and a reason for why I’ve been slow putting out videos. Sorry!

My commission info:

My social media
Twitter – www.twitter.com/GotMeSomeOCD
Tumblr – www.animerehab.tumblr.com

Song used: Hiding – San Holo


  1. Another amazing drawing. It's fine if you're slow because you have a life, but please post on your twitter or tumblr, like you do, that you're busy so I don't come to worry. Stay awesome.

  2. please realize that every time I see you post another lets draw I fan-girl to death. So that said, (even here in heaven) nothing comes close to your art. ;D you are everything I want to be when it comes to art. You should defiantly change your name to beyondunstoppable.

  3. +BeyondUnstable Echo, every time I watch one of your speed paints it leaves me awestruck with how talented you are. Keep up the amazing work. :DD

  4. How old do you have to be to train at a tattoo parlor? I've anyways thought it would be really cool to try it out and see if my designs are good enough. Thanks. Love you and your art echo 🙂


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