SPEEDPAINT SUNDAY #41! So I’ve wanted to do something Overwatch related for awhile. Whilst listening to angsty early 2000s/late 90’s grunge rock, I had the idea for a dramatic D.Va drawing. I like to think that despite her playful exterior, the burdens of war and battle still get to her. She’s barely out of her teenage years, after all.

Songs used (All by RoughNX)
A Rose in Winter’s Garden
Rescue at Dawn

Sketched with pencil and paper, scanned, and finished in Paint Tool Sai with a Wacom Intuos 3 Graphics Tablet. Captured with OBS.

The playlist that inspired this drawing.


  1. I love how you draw body's that actually look like a realistic weight!!! who am I kidding I love everything about your drawings! ^w^ <3

  2. Oh my gosh, I don't mean to fangirl about this but its soo amazing to me, that people posses this kind of talent on the computer. I wish I had the time to practice. Keep it up! ^.^

  3. Hey! Can you draw a male for once? xD I've seen almost all your drawings and I think I've never seen a single male character. It would be fun to watch.
    P.S. I love you and your drawings 🙂


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