SPEEDPAINT SUNDAY #43! This is footage I’ve had sitting around for well over a month. It’s one of the handful I’ve stockpiled since November. Anyway, I fell in love with Sombra when she was first released and loved imagining the dynamic she might have with D.Va.

Songs used
A Rose in Winter’s Garden – RoughNX
Wontolla – Pistol and Cutlass
Clocktower – Jinco feat. Mia Vaile


  1. Great artwork, as always, but as a little critique, I feel that Sombra's torso is a bit small and her head is too big. a few small things are anatomically incorrect. Not a terrible mistake, but anatomy is always something an artist can improve on. I mean no offense, I just thought that I might add a small critique on your art.

  2. Sorry if you've already mentioned somewhere regarding this, but is there anywhere I can view this image, as I would love to have it as a wallpaper! I understand if you do not publish the actual image though and don't want to.


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