Tracer from Overwatch showing herself in a more personal light. You can get the uncensored pictures at my site: theres more Overwatch content on the way, since Im doing a Overwatch series there.

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Original time: about 5 hours
Music: Celldweller – Heart On (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Programs: Paintool Sai, Photoshop Cs5 and Camtasia Studio 5


  1. I wonder how many 12 year Olds would want to "sue" overwatch if they removed tracer and widow maker ?? just think of it

  2. linda perfeita maravilhosa seus cabelos são cheirosos como orquidia e brilhão a luz do sol seu olhos tambem vc e mais valiosa que um diamante e cheirosa como flor te amo tracer ou tambem lena oxton

  3. Mannnnn this got me into Shadman before I knew it was porn and I shared so much of his work and I didn't know until I saw and then freaked when I shared it on my Social media and went on a purge to remove it and I'm still a long time fan


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