Today we go shopping at The Best Lego Store in The World!!! Here In California Downtown Disney Lego Store, they not only have The coolest selection…not only the friendliest people…not only free legos….but Lego Batman himself shops here!!!! Follow us along as we play the mystery hunt/search amd find Batman game inside the Lego Store and try to win free Exclusive The Batman Movie Legos!!! Will we do it?! Were going to find out today!!! Thankyou for watching and Hope you LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE. THANKYOU!!!!

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  1. Your YouTube channel is the best in the world and if I miss out on a giveaway it still doesn’t matter your still cool

  2. Lego Batman said Hahahahahaaaaa! Wow! That was fun! Really hope. Nobody was recoding that I mean the vlog this thing is on this thing is recording very deep


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