Join us (Michael Ajih and Osy Ikhile) on this League of Consultants special, as we respond to YouTuber Grace Randolph’s spoiler review of Marvel’s Black Panther movie. Ms. Randolph starts off with some sound observations but then it quickly turns into an unsubstantiated passive-aggressive rant disguised as critique REAL QUICK. In our opinion, this needs to be addressed. Have a watch for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1. She always trolling…always says the opposite to the general opinion. I'm not surprise. She the same one that said Josh Weldon is sexist on justice league

  2. I like Grace but I have just learned that she has difference tastes in films to me and can be very contrarian when it comes to her reviews so I just ignore them. She gave Batman V Superman and Wonder Woman great reviews, but gave Get Out and 12 Years a Slave okay reviews. Plus she has a slight agenda against Marvel because she used to work for them and now DC pay her money to promote their stuff. She went too far when she said Wonder Women Amazonians where better female characters than the Dora Milaje said no one ever. Amazonians who all looklike Catwalk models are better role models for women than Dora Milaje?
    Get the fuck out of here. The best fact about Grace is the fact Korey Colman of Double Toasted banged her. So she is into the BBC and I am not talking about the One Show lol.

  3. She wants women who care only about themselves and not about society. It is the cansa that is European ideology. I bet she loves wonder woman where there were no men, except they were doing what the older lady wants and not what they want. Maybe next we will have pregnant wonder woman fighting crime.


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