Watched Aphmaus latest episode of Emerald Secret and omg my heart OTL. I both hate it and love it. Poor Aaron. What the hell Ein? Just the feeeeells. I still low key ship Einmau though *cough* but Aarmau stay strong!

If you would like to suggest any ships, scenes, or suggestions you’d like me to draw let me know by leaving a comment down below! Who knows it might spark some inspiration.


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  1. Ein looks like hes ganna make out with ephamau ephmau is
    But srsly nice DRAWING and DAM EIN AND APHMAU R HOT 😀

  2. Why tf does Ein have to hot in this ;-; It’s getting to me. I’m a sucker for the s**t ??

    He’s sexy don’t judge ?

  3. This is beatiful! (And I'm just throwing this bts pun in here cause I can muahahaha) I AM JUNGSHOOK AT THIS! And since it was winter in ES Aph must've been cold in that outfit loll

  4. guys, I have a theory, sorta)

    So, if you've seen the latest in starlight, ein was with aphmau's dad and the other girl, would that mean ein is aphmau's brother or step- brother because her dad got married to another woman and had ein?? :O


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