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Second of the spring themed commissions I did on dA. This one is for the lovely and talented Yamio, featuring her original character Lumiie ♥ I worked very hard on this piece to make it special for her. Remember to support Yami a lot, guys (through her Patreon, Ko-fi, watching and liking her videos, sending her some friendly words..) She’s undergoing Cancer treatment right now and her health is very weak but with a little bit of our help we can make her battle a bit easier.



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Software: Paint Tool SAI + Photoshop CS6
Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4 Medium
Recorded and edited in Camtasia Studio

Full picture:

♥ ART©


►►► Music:
Intro: Yunomi – Kokoro Float
0:13 Sugar Plum Dance – Holiday Background
3:43 Shallou – Doubt (Summer Edit)
7:28 COZMC – JPA
11:20 Hatsune Miku – Electrical Parade Remix (PonParaPinPon)
14:35 Yunomi – Mentai Cosmic



  1. Este dibujo siempre sera especial >////<
    Neko Rina Es muy lindo este dibujo <3
    Y lo lograra >_<
    Yo se que puede salir de ello solo no hay que desertar

  2. Están adorable y tan precioso .*-* en mi opinión creo que has mejorado mucho en cuanto al colorado y además esos efectos de difuminado en las flores te ha quedado genial y le da un toque también genial! Sigue así!! nwn

  3. This piece is so beautiful!! You are doing so well on backgrounds, keep up the good work!!??

    I'm sure this will help Yami feel better, we gotta keep cheering her on!! ??

  4. I've been having a bit of art block lately, and whenever I would draw anime, it just would not turn out the way I wanted it to, do you have some advice you could give me? Also this is amazing! you just make my day everyday, with your drawings!

  5. Wao que pieza, es tan relajante el ver este dibujo; siento que experimentaste mucho con el pintado, y te ha salido muy bien esta comision. Tambien es muy lindo ver el apoyo que tu y otros artistas le han estando dando a Yamio ;u;

  6. Como se nota que le pusiste mucho amor a este dibujo. :'D Me hace muy feliz ver eso!!

    Aclaracion;Siempre le pones amor a tus dibujos, pero en este, sentí que lo hacías con mas amor de lo normal, o almenos así me parecio ami

  7. Someone drew the same avatar somewhere omg.

    Edit: Oh I remember now, it's Yamio, I hope she's better now, my phone broke so I don't have Snapchat anymore. ;(.

  8. CAN I LIKE.. SAY THAT YOU'RE MY INSPIRATION TO START DRAWING, I mean.. I haven't found my art style yet and I still can't friggin' draw bodies! Ugh, you're the MVP girl..

  9. Precioso vídeo❤ Siempre disfruto al verlos, sigue subiendo por fa :3
    una pregunta, en que formato pones el archivo para pasarlo de Sai a Photoshop y viceversa 🙂

  10. neko chan!! please do a tutorial about drawing hair, hairpiece, hair highlights and shadows please!! your drawings are amazing and I'vs always wanted to be like you someday… but i know that it took 7 years for you… so I know i need patience!! thank you!! for making this video and inspire me!

  11. Rina, idk if you've been asked about that before, but i'm very curious is drawing your hobby or a job? ps. I'm so thankful I met you because i've had an artblock for a while and now i started growing again. Thanks a lot, i'm your great fan c:

  12. M8
    And we're you ever on an app called paigeeworld
    If so


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