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Summer Rose = Princess Sakura Serenity
Qrow Branwen / Walker “Church” Kirche = William R Geary Jr.
Fan Girl = Kalyn McCabe

Special thanks to: Amy Shen; Gabby Zee; Darth Neo

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    I'M ACTUALLY EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was amazing 😀 Plus hearing you guys improv the lineless scenes: BEAUTIFUL!!!

    The best part? Part 2 is being made as we speak~ And Elle is screeching from this

    Keep it up and never lose your flames!

  3. That, Summer, is what you call love. You know, when you get that hot sensation between your legs every time you see this particular person?

  4. Sooo, I'm confused about the family situation. Qrow is Tai's brother tight? But they don't look the same so I'm assuming they're brother in laws. If Summer Rose was with Qrow and if Summer Rose is Ruby's mom, then how are Ruby and Yang sisters? If Yang's father is assumingely Tai. Are they just really close cousins?

  5. Wow, the voice acting was amazing in this. I especially love the ad-libbing with the flashbacks Summer has. Even though I don't fully support the whole "Qrow is Ruby's dad" theory the fan art and fanfics that come out, as a result, is just great. Especially Elle's comics.

  6. I love these things… oh god their good, Like, holy fuck, Qrow=Daddy, and obviously this is their interpretation of the whole Ruby is the daughter of Qrow theory, though it is said by RT themselves that it's Taiyang as Ruby's father,


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