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  1. I like pennywise because he looks so fun ,but he's so evil. I love you channel because I like love horror!!

  2. I Like Pennywise Because He Is Evil And Funny. He Is My Favorite Because He Is Pure Evil And Because He Could Be Your Worst Nightmare.
    I Like Your Channel Because You Give Us Lots Of Action Figure Reviews

  3. Why I Love Pennywise & Cejaman

    First off The thing I love most about pennywise & why he's my favorite character from the franchise & horror villain is that he is able to become your worst nightmare but he is also able to lure you into these situations where he can get you. I also love how he looks so innocent & somewhat cute but as soon as your in his grasp you see the Real him, you see IT!
    And Finally the thing I love about your channel is that you really interact with your fans, you have allot of nostalgia for all things AWESOME! I also love your horror reviews, Livestreams, & opinions on things. And finally I love how relateable you are & how Awesome you are!

    moviemaster marco

    P.S. Do You Have Prince Albert In a Can?

  4. 1.) Pennywise is a pretty unique character that not only is terrifying, but hilarious! His ability to literally become someone’s greatest fear is an idea that is truly terrifying! Not only does this make the film have an actual physical threat, but it also combines the idea of psychological horror and gives a sorta “There’s a monster under my bed” vibe! His one-liners and attitude that both Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård bring to the character is pretty cool. I love Tim Curry’s portrayal because he seemed more comedic and comical, Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal was a lot more terrifying and had a very mysterious vibe to him.
    2.) My favorite character would obviously have to be Eddie! Eddie is a pretty relatable character, he’s both awkward and yet still a very funny character. Reading and then watching his death was a really heartbreaking moment for me.
    3.) I love your channel because not only do you post high quality content, but your reviews are very high in quality. I love how you’re one of the first to post about new releases, I also love your honesty on pops and other products! I recently found your channel like 5 days ago, so happy I did!

  5. I Like Pennywise Because I Like His Evilness And How He Can Be Anyones Nightmare,He Is My Favorite Because He Is A Bad @$$. I Like Your Channel Because You Keep Us Updated On The Reviews

  6. I love pennywise because he’s really dark and evil. I also really like ur channel because it’s like a family. U made the family. Were the family members, also the toys are. Thank you for being the best you tuber cejaman fam!!!!!!!

  7. What i love about It is that he is the reason why kids were afraid of clowns 🤡. Is it cheating if i say pennywise is my favorite character. You already know bro, what i like about your channel is the toy hunts because thats my favorite thing to do

  8. I wanna win is your camera.
    Because it’s the only one filming these awesome videos.
    I love the zooming in and out.
    The sexiness of it color and style… Oooh, la, la!

  9. This was amazing I ways watch your videos after after work and they cheer me up Like ti movie ode are you amazing

  10. I love pennywise becuase in the new movie he is very scary but also mystery opus my favorite character in it is pennywise and I love your channel becuase you mainly do horror reviews and I love horror and you have great knowledge about what your talking about love the channel keep up the great work

  11. I love both it movies but I love the new one more because pennywise is scarier than tim curry and I love the actors especially bill skarsgard he plays a good pennywise and my favorite character in the new it movie is richie tozier because he funny and he's a great character and what I like about ur channel is that u post good content and u mostly post horror and im a big superhero and horror movie fan and u seem like a great guy overall

  12. That's a great IT collection. I like that you're getting everything involving IT. That's also a nice shirt, wore it yesterday.

  13. I like pennywise be cause he is mysterious and very creepy my favorite character is bill because he is so worthy to get revenge of his brothers death I like your YouTube channel because it is cool because it shows a lot of horror what I like and you have so many cool stuff

  14. Oh man, so many things I love about the IT franchise, especially the book. I love the way the theme is focused on friendship overcoming evil. I love the craziness of Pennywise/It. I love the mythological background and the way that this world just feels so real. Although I love all the characters, from the first experience reading him I have been obsessed with Richie Tozier because he is so unique and entertaining with a really good heart. As for your channel, I'm a relatively new (under a week) subscriber and what made me want to subscribe was the amount of detail and screen time you give to the toys when you unbox them. I get to see the items very thoroughly while at the same time getting just enough info about them as well as your personal opinions on them, which I really appreciate. Great channel and thanks for doing this giveaway!

  15. What I love about the IT franchise is how much it can expand for the sake that the merchandise is brilliant and what a cast of kids can do on a set is outstanding! I love Bill who zer whatzit in this film and how he can terrify the audience! My favourite characters are Beep Beep Richi and Pennywise himself since Richi is sooo funny and Pennywise well it’s Pennywise! But most of all I love your channel because it’s a fun horror you search for exclusives movie hard backs and it’s a really great way for us “collectors” to enjoy the pops with you/along side you!!!


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