The ComicPOP crew discusses the role nostalgia plays in the comic book industry.

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  1. i remember reading grant morrisson batman when bat mite appeared and batman became purple.
    if it wasn't or the french editor putting pages of context telling me what the hell i was reading, i would have just stop reading.

  2. throws 2 cents in ha Maybe Ethan being Jacket-less is a set design decision. Basically to break up the color scheme ha.

  3. Is there a word for negative nostalgia? One of my dad's biggest pet peeves with comicbook movies and shows is that they keep going back to the same few events to hark back on. He's seen them beat Apocalypse or go to his future so many times that he just gets pissed when it happens

  4. I think the industry doesn't take into consideration that nostalgia isn't just about the comics but the process of how we used to read and obtain comics. There was a certain charm to going to your local comic book shop and browsing around and picking up the floppys. Buying and reading digitally is convenient and great but i get really nostalgic for everything about what comics was. You can't recapture that.

  5. Before the internet was mainstream, Marvel had these really useful Official Handbooks in the form of a 8 issue series called Marvel Universe Updates 89'.
    They were basically Wikipedia articles on characters and events surrounding them from A-Z.
    Made looking up some characters and the events around them extremely easy.

  6. a great vision or look at nostalgia is the timmverse justice league episode "legends" where the league get pulled into an alternate world that is controlled by what is essentially the nostalgia of a comic book fan.

  7. I love Nostalgia, but I agree with Sal saying that it shouldn't be a driving force.
    case in point.

    Christopher Reeves Superman is AWESOME.
    Superman Returns (Nostalgia porn) was less awesome

  8. I love the fact that everybody is rockin blazers, meanwhile Ethen is just chillin in a t shirt. Its great. KEEP THAT FORMAT.

  9. @ComicPOP Really like your take on seeing comics as a challenge especially because I never read comics. I watched a few movies and TV shows and went though a phase where I wanted to start and was very intimidating but very much so took it as a challenge! Love these news stories guys and girl!!!

  10. For some reason, when I saw all the comments about Ethan not having his suit jacket, the Goth Kids from South Pack came to mind:

    GOTH ETHAN: "PFFT, what a bunch of wannabe poser conformists. Go ahead and wear your preppy poser suit jackets and pretend life is all puppies and sunshine. You'll never catch me selling out to the conformists. Life is pain." … LOL … Go ahead Ethan! Fuck the suit jacket! Fight the power! Never sell out to the conformists!


  11. IMO It's not nostalgia that's damaging or hampering the comic industry today, it's the resistance and reluctance of long time readers not being open to new ideas ie: new Watchmen stories or turning Cap into a Hydra agent. They are set in their ways and refuse to read (and like) anything that challenges their perceived idea of what a book should be like or how a character should act based on a specific snapshot of the characters history.
    For someone who grew up reading Superman in the 50s they probably didnt like how the character was portrayed in the 70s and 80s (and definitely the 90s). Or more recently how Superman was portrayed in Man of Steel
    Fans and readers are basically self sabotaging their enjoyment because they refuse to be open to new ideas and immediately cry out for their "old (insert character name here)"

  12. I feel that, if editors do a nostalgic story about something that's really old, and little people know, and new kids read it, they will notice that it is different, but they may think that it feels new, since they don't have nostalgia about it. Talking about Action Comics, some kids might think that the story felt diferent, but not old, since they don't have a reference to how old comics felt like, they could end up thinking "this new style is really cool!"

  13. This makes me think of characters like the Shadow, Flash Gordon, and the Phantom, which are as serviceable as any similar character, but just can't get a modern audience.

  14. I am in my 50s and new to comics. I started reading only a few years ago when the New 52 came out and found it to be a good starting point for a newbie. I have been watching your channel for only a few months, but I have really enjoyed your Input on the history of comics and have made me more aware of writers and continuity. The new Reboot has been great and I have been thankful that old characters, that are new to me, have been introduced. I have been using Wikipedia to look theses characters up and am now interested in reading their stories. Thank you for your channel for widening my view of the industry. I have recently included Marvel and some independent works into my reading.

  15. I agree with Sal, I see it like as a challenge. I enjoy researching and learning about past events or different characters. I find that it is the best way to catch up on the long history. Plus I have you guys!

  16. I'm sorry but it's tough to take this serious when u guys are wearing blazers with regular t's under them lol not to be a jerk but it feels a little forced. I'd recommend wearing what u want like Ethan. Btw I absolutely love the channel keep up the fantastic work!

  17. Yeah I'm gonna flat out say it, I can't stand nostalgia being a catalyst for reboots or catalyst for storylines. I'm one of the few that liked New 52 especially Justice League and Batman. I liked that DC had the balls to reboot it all and the numbers speak for themselves and it may be the reason they were able to rope in new readers (Don't quote me on that, it might be BS)

    Also there are certain elements I loved about Marvel, for example; pre-Disney acquisition X-men was having one of its best runs in years, With messiah Complex, X-force/Uncanny X-force, Cyclops' evolution to becoming a wanted man AvX etc. All of these were great. Then again pre and after acquisition summer events completely fucked up Marvel as a whole tbh.

    With DC it was the same shit over and over and New 52 for me felt like a breath of fresh air, that being said I love Rebirth too but not for the Nostalgia just for the slight refresh.

  18. Comics thrive primarily through nostalgia but sentimentality creates the "collector". So the trick is creating sentimentality by using ones personal nostalgia. Blending new and old concepts will always do this that's why there is a certain amount of recycling. Bc nostalgia breeds sentimentality

  19. Thank you, Sal, for representing my view on nostalgia! It's so much fun and absolutely a challenge/treasure hunt for me too! I only started reading DC in 2013/2014 and I started because of the Young Justice cartoon. I went and read the comic. Then I read Superboy, Impulse, and Robin. Then I read Nightwing and Batgirl and Teen Titans/New Teen Titans/Titans, and Supergirl and Green Lantern and Outsiders and so on and now I own 4693 physical copies of comics, as well as books I only own digitally. It's only been a few years reading/collecting DC for me but I feel steeped in backstory and growth for these characters that I love and only grew to love because I was curious about what characters were referring to on panel or in editor's notes. That's what makes being a comic fan fun for me.


  21. About the Flash thing, it's interesting because before and during new 52 DC did to all the Flashes what Tiff said "Get them out of here"and that was, without doubt, a Geoff Johns thing, he loves the Silver Age characters so much he gave them the spotlight again and technically undid all the other Flashes but DC did it in such a horrible way that now they are starting to bring them back as an apology that even Johns had to be the one to bring Wally back.

  22. As an 18 year old guy who only got into comics in the last few years, I love the callbacks to old stories. It is an extremely easy thing to find basically everything that happened in that story without ever even reading it. Continuity is a fun thing for me to try and dissect.


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