Streaming with friends. Working on comic pages.


  1. HOLY SHIT apparently I was too close to my mic while I was slouching so I kinda turned into clip city while speaking. XD Oops.

  2. Ponderrrrrrr notice this comment, please….
    I love your videos and you're the most sensible person on youtube I know!
    You're a very talented artist with a great OC.
    Tanku if chu read dis octomom ;v;

  3. It's an actual fact that gender is a social construct sex is a reality. Look up the history of gender or watch Magdalen berns on the definitions and how gender used to be a a descriptive. But John Money switched the terms with his theroys. This is from someone who doesn't even believe anything other than male or female.

  4. Also I love your videos but the hate towards " terfs" is kinda rude. It's a slur and most people who get called it aren't even close to as rude as people treat them. They just don't agree with an ideology.

  5. Ey yo video idea. Its about an issue with a youtuber that really needs light brought onto it; it really started off as no big deal, and stayed in its community, the animation meme community.
    He used to just trace.
    Then, when this guy got called out for tracing, he proceeded to manipulate his child audience to attack people who lied about it, even making fun of issues such as molestation.
    I cant remember it exactly but it was something like "there will always be a little rat out there who got touched by their dad or beaten by their uncle ;)"
    Still not a big deal right the community can deal with it ourselves
    So, we got his channel terminated.
    A day later, he's back, and gUESS WHAT WE FIND OUT
    Apparently, this sick fuck not only traces art and manipulates KIDS but he, with someone who he had a collab with ("Liema cat :3") had sent her repulsive messages, asking for nudes.
    She stated her age multiple times , and he continually attempted to manipulate nudes out of her.
    I dont understand much spanish, which the screenshots are in, so i cant say more about them.
    Hes also put porn in the background of hia videos; if you look for the people who post videos about him, you can find deleted videos and comments.
    If you look through his comment section, no one is calling him out.
    You will notice how some comments praising him have a lot of replies, but when you try to see them, theres none.
    He deletes them left and right.
    Im not very informed but thats what i know. Its not hard to ask others for information and, if you will bring awareness to this issue i will do my best to help you gain information as well. I have no doubt others will as well but i seriously believe we need your help. We dont know what to do we literally post memes with fucking head bobbing. Reporting him didnt work.


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