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Iron Man Scares Chris Evans On Ellen
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Chris Evans gets the scare of his life and we’ve got the video for you right now. Captain America and Iron Man may be duking it out on the big screen, but it looks like Iron Man has the upper hand on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Captain America: Civil War stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and there was a whole lot of screaming going on. Before the show, Chris decided to make a visit to Elizabeth’s dressing room where he hid in her bathroom and, well, this happened. Don’t feel too bad for Elizabeth though, because later on Ellen decided to turn the tables on Chris and we mean that literally. While talking about the dog he rescued from a shelter, Chris got a surprise visit from his on-screen frenemey. Despite the sudden scare, Chris seemed to have enjoyed the moment and even asked to see it played back, laughing the entire time. While there was plenty of fun and games, including a chance to see the pair in a dance off that earned a charity close to Chris’ heart a check for ten thousand dollars, Ellen also took the opportunity to discuss recent rumors that the stars were actually dating. Despite their chemistry on the show as well as on-screen, they joked that they were doing such a good job of keeping their relationship a secret that they were hiding it from even themselves. They continued joking that they were actually engaged and getting ready to move in together, but Ellen encouraged them not to quote “poo-poo” the idea of them dating so quickly since they are both single and obviously compatible. We’ll have to wait and see if we end up having a real life “Marvel Love Match”, but which star’s reaction to being scared did you like better; Chris Evans or Elizabeth Olsen? Share your thoughts in the comments and then click here to find out which of Chris Evans’ movies made our list of his best. I’m Sinead de Vries, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon with more movie news!

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  1. Chris Evans was the funny I mean because scarlet witch got back at him and it was funny watching him scream?

  2. Chris Evans is absolutely beautiful.I would love to have the aroma of him in my nose and the taste of him in my mouth.Stupid Jennifer Biel left him and later went with damn a- – timberlake who thinks he has soul. Bum.

  3. Chris Evans' reaction was funnier.. Well, that's what he gets for scaring the shit out of comic book store visitors with an escape room prank

  4. If I'd been in Olsen's place when Evans scared her in the bathroom, I'd have kicked him in the nards. It would have been pure reflex.


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